Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scavenger Hunt

We are trying diligently to have "family time" every night. Since we aren't a family who is able to eat meals at the table together (due to schedules), family time is even more important. Unfortunately it is currently keeping the kids up past their bedtimes - we haven't worked out all the kinks yet. We've been having a lot of "Super Mario" family nights.. taking turns playing Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros on the wii. Willow is pretty much the only one who still can't quite maneuver Mario yet, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love it!

Tonight I got out a board game called, "Scavenger Hunt". I quickly put the game pieces and board away. I kept out only the cards. I put down 6 cards - each had an item on it. We started the timer (3 1/2 mins works well). The person to come back with all 6 items first or the person to come back with the most items before the time was up, was the winner of that round. We played 3 rounds. Sebastian won them all. Super thing was though - after this was over Sebastian and Willow were cleaning up ALL of it, even things that weren't part of the game! And they were doing it TOGETHER & having fun! Sebastian said running around like that (during & after the game) really felt good. Judah was in the bath - family time scheduling obviously needs work. I gave him the option of game or bath, since I knew he really wanted a bath. He opted for the relaxing bath, smart guy.

Speaking of smart Judah..
He had been looking for a toy in the couch for a long time. When I finally cleaned out the entire inside of the couch and found nothing, I started pulling up pictures on the computer of the toy I thought he was asking for. After he pointed out his much desired toy on the computer, I bought it on eBay. That was  a week ago. Today he takes me to the couch, points at the hole in the back saying something repeatedly that I couldn't make out. Then he takes my hand and pulls me to the computer chair, pushing me down into it & then pointing at the computer, again saying the same thing that I couldn't make out. Ha! Smart guy.

Here's the game we played...


While searching for the above pic online I came across soooo much Scavenger Hunt stuff! I'm printing some of it up to use. The one below I printed 3 times. I'll laminate those & put them in the car - then we can use dry erase markers to play.

Sebastian will start Spanish tutoring on Tuesday next week. We met the tutor this afternoon, high school student who is very qualified for the job!

Sebastian wrote me the sweetest note tonight. He told me that I was the only one who he had shown the stationary that he used & that he only used it for "special occasions". See below for a pic of the note. Translation here: I wanted to say that you are the best mom ever. Sincerely, love, SebastiƔn.