Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sebastian Phoenix Files Turns Eight!

Sebastian turned EIGHT today! You know a kid is an incredible older brother when he doesn't get upset that baby brother & sister have just blown out his birthday candles with him. He's that kid. He got his first pair of roller skates (something he's been wanting) & a new bike (something he's been needing). Scott and I stayed up until after 2 in the morning creating a balloon avalanche on his bedroom door last night. He loved that. He opened his door on his birthday morning & was greeted with an avalanche of balloons cascading down on him. We had told him stories about the day he was born & our time in the hospital with him before he went to bed that night. He loves hearing stories from the past. He always likes the part when we tell him that he was wailing so loud when he was born that Meemaw & Granddad could hear him down the hall & knew exactly which room to go to.