Monday, August 3, 2015

Judah Rides a BIKE for the FIRST TIME!!

Judah hopped on Willow's Hello Kitty bike and pedaled a few times - easy peasy!!! He never wants to try, but now we know that he knows how! I couldn't believe my eyes. He was even figuring how to brake with the pedals!! That was Sunday (8/2/15). Today (Mon. 8/3/15), he hopped on her bike again when she wasn't looking. Unfortunately, she turned around and saw him, immediately demanding that he get off of her bike. Judah is a very sweet guy. He got off and hopped on the plasma car instead. Yesterday when he was on her bike, after the short pedaling episode, he wanted to be pushed up the driveway and then released to fly down it. I'm going to make sure we get training wheels for Sebastian's old bike asap!! Judah has told me "no" every time I show him pics of bikes and ask if he wants one. We've tried going to the store to see them as well. He likes them, but doesn't want to get one. He does, however, have HUGE interest in the motorized cars that kids can fit in and drive. He made it clear that he DID want one of those. Sebastian has been asking for one of those for 4 years.