Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Giving Our Kids a Better Future

Just a small update on the school issue..
I only contacted one parent of a kid in Bastian's old classroom. It was the only parent email that I could find. She's talked with other parents - who are all very concerned. It sounds like they want to confront the teacher. She asked her daughter about it & her daughter told her the same thing I did. I'm glad she was able to spread that info that all of those parents absolutely need to know. We'll be talking with the principal about it soon - whenever we can get an appointment scheduled with her! Suddenly that is a difficult task for her to follow through with... ???

Sebastian's psychologist spoke with some of his colleagues after getting tests back from Sebastian's teachers with the exact same answers. It was testing that would give some insight as to what they see at school w/Sebastian. It obviously needed to be done separately. I had sent in two separate tests, one for each teacher, & had told his main teacher that they each needed to fill one out .The psych's colleagues agreed that he needed to contact the principal about this, because this could happen to another kid. Obviously they needed to understand the huge importance of these tests. He said the principal didn't seem to understand what he was telling her &  supported the teachers' decision to copy answers. Their decision to do this could have had a HUGE effect on my son's life! When the psychologist saw the answers he shook the tests and said, "This is Sebastian's life!!" The psych isn't taking the teacher tests into deep consideration, given their decision to send in exact same answers (there were over 100 questions!!) and what we've spoken about with him involving those teachers. So irresponsible & offensive. Teachers are people who care & want to help others.. that's like the entire basis of their job, right? To give our children a better future??

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