Monday, January 5, 2015

Willow rode her bike!!!

Willow rode her bike for the first time today. Sebastian, Willow and i went to the park after school. It was starting to get dark. We stayed for about half an hour. Willow rode up and down the sidewalk as I walked beside her, using my hand to help her pedal. Bastian ventured off into the forest and through the puddles.. across the small bridges.. he did pretty much everything I told him not to do. I couldn't see him when he went on these journeys. Eventually we left, due to this. Willow pedaled once on her own after I pushed her feet down and around. She had done the same last week. However today she kept going, pedaling one, two, even three times in a row!  Without stopping!! Unfortunately her ability to steer disappeared when this would happen. She was truly truly proud and sooo happy on the four or five time she was confident enough to pedal like this. I will attach a video soon.
Sebastian was aggressive with Daddy tonight. Fiercely so. Sebastian told me what had happened minutes later, almost as if he was reporting a crime, not able to take responsibility for his actions.. Not seemingly upset over them.
i wasn't able to share with Scott that Willow rode her bike for the first time today. My heart is just breaking for Sebastian.

Willow rides!:

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