Saturday, December 27, 2014

All I Want For Christmas Is A Screaming Sully!

I was voice-blogging with my phone but I kept forgetting to post it on here! Right now I'm just sitting at the computer, eating ice cream while Scott works on building Judah's bed. I swear it's like work 24/7 around here. Are we just unbelievably inefficient? Or is life like this for all parents??! I feel like I'm going to spend the rest of my days working down a to-do list that never stops growing!

Christmas was pretty cool this year. All of our kids were filled with Christmas excitement. When we put up the tree Judah was just in awe, making sure we remembered the star on top and sitting in front of the tree for quite a while after we were done.. like he was gazing out at the ocean or something. He let us know that we needed presents under the tree. Pointing below the tree & saying, "presents!". Then he ran around the house searching for presents. Finally I just put his present from his teachers under the tree. I thought that might suffice. He saw it & instantly ripped it open. Then he asked & searched for more presents, haha. He pointed to the fireplace and said, "fire?", basically pointing out that we didn't have that Christmas tradition happening either. We can't do presents until the night before. This year we were wise not to mess with the garland & just do ornaments. We decided to let the kids put the ornaments wherever they wanted.. because they were going to get moved around, thrown and sucked on plenty after it was done. And they loved doing that of course. Judah's fine motor skills in unwinding the fine string at the top of many ornaments was pretty amazing. Better than most adults could have done!

Sebastian's behaviors have calmed down some. He's trying really hard. He's seeing a psychologist now. Less than a week after our first session we were having emergency sessions, "interventions". We had two of those. Today Sebastian was with Daddy all day (shopping & home). He threatened to punch Daddy in the face, told him he hated him, threw a wooden train track at him, etc. Sadly, this is much better than usual. Sebastian at our second appointment..

Today Sebastian was telling Daddy that he was not his friend anymore. Willow walks up to Sebastian and loudly proclaims, "Bastian, you're my BEST FRIEND, Bastian!!!"

Daddy is currently building a bed for Judah (see above). It will be a loft bed, a nice espresso colored wood. It's going to be 50 inches high & with a ladder built in. 20 minutes after he started building he said, "Do you think Judah is going to be able to climb down a ladder in the middle of the night?" Judah is up at least twice every night, as is baby sister. So that was the first time THAT had occurred to us, sigh. Maybe we could put Willow in a bed like this just to keep her from climbing into bed with us every night!! Willow is actually sick right now, fever & achy. She says her neck & her feet hurt. Her feet seem to always hurt when she is sick - that's a telltale sign that she is sick. Interestingly Sebastian always says that he "can't walk" when he feels sick. If Judah had more language perhaps he would tell us that his knees buckle when he gets sick? What is happening with our children...

The kids were just exploding with happiness & frenzy on Christmas morning. The gifts weren't really handed out, the kids just started opening. I'm not sure quite how that happened. Daddy had the camera & got some great photos of the kids. Sebastian got a robot dog from Santa.. that he hasn't even taken out of the gift bag! We spent a lot of time trying to find a "robot" for him. He told Gramma not long ago that he has never gotten what he has asked Santa for (which has only been one thing to my knowledge - a really expensive Thomas the Train track piece). There was no way we weren't getting one of the 2 things that he asked Santa for this year! These items were: an invisible sander (a timer with sand, only without the sand so nobody knows when it's done.. duh) and a robot toy (vague!!). So he got a Zoomer, a $70 robotic dog. And that was a GOOD price for one!! We bought that I think literally the day before Christmas. And the Zoomer is still in the gift bag, has never been taken out.. and is now cozied up in the back corner of Sebastian's closet. What is happening with our children.......... You have a robot dog!!!!

Willow got a remote-controlled dog. It's sooo adorable. Unfortunately we didn't have the right size batteries for it - it takes the size that often go in smoke alarms. Who has those on hand?! I need to get her some soon. The battery issue has not stopped her from playing with her dog though!! That's for sure. She's such a dog girl.

I got Sebastian a guitar. He DID take that gift out of the box.. immediately so. Then Daddy decided he was going to tighten the strings. Sebastian stood in front of him and attempted to tighten a couple himself. Suddenly one pops! Busted string. They both immediately look over at me, as if I'm going to flip out or something, haha. At least that was only a $20 item, not a $70 one. I was really apprehensive about getting him that dog, given his level of destruction lately. One day he hurled the recliner into the couch & broke my wooden filing cabinet (as he was shoving it in front of a door to trap Willow & Daddy in a room) all within under 10 minutes. One day he hopped up on the dinner table barefoot & began dancing around our plates. There was an aide here. Daddy wasn't home yet. It's the kind of stuff that would probably be decent entertainment if it were happening in a movie, but in real life it just sucks. Like cars crashing off of cliffs & things like that, cool in movies, crappy in real life.

I should go help with that bed. Scott got me a sewing machine & French press (it reads - "have a GOOD cup of coffee" on the box, haha!) for Christmas. I got him an alien shooting game & a Dungeons & Dragons rule book - items that are completely foreign to me.

The kids all gifted one another this year. Judah's aide wanted him to buy gifts for each sibling and us, which brought about the first year of the siblings gifting one another. He made us a plate - it's really cool. He bought Willow a Sophia doll that she absolutely adores. Sebastian bought Willow an Elsa (Frozen) tiara that goes with the dress I gifted her. Judah got the absolute coolest gift of all, Sully. Sebastian & I found this Sully toy at Wal-Mart the other day and HAD to get it. Check it out:

Sometimes when Willow cries at night, Judah goes to check on her & climbs into her bed to sleep with her.
Willow with a Christmas gift from Meemaw & Granddad. The kids were all fighting over putting this together today.
Tonight Sebastian finally had a meal that he liked/approved of.


And Scott is getting closer to his goal...

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