Thursday, December 11, 2014


Willow was so worked up about going to see Santa. She didn't really understand how to answer the "What would you like for Christmas?" question. I didn't want to force an answer on here so I explained it as Santa giving her a "surprise" (she loves surprises & prizes). I asked her what she would want it to be. I did get a "cat" answer out of her. Her first answer was "a Christmas tree". She had the same answer yesterday. We should really get on that, haha. She also answered, "Pixie" and "a cup" and some other answers that weren't even nouns, haha.

Funny thing was, when we made it to Santa, her chatter suddenly stopped, her smile disappeared & her eyes grew big. She held my hand with one hand, the other hand was shaking a bit at her stomach. She had her pink travel cup around her neck. She had worn this all day long.. something I got for free that seems to be pure treasure to her. She had on her "Santa dress", a pair of black sparkle tights & her shiny black dress shoes. I had brushed her hair (she is beginning to allow this) and put in a headband that had a green & red sparkling flower on top. It had fallen off when I got her in her car seat. She was so concerned that it would be out of place if I put it back on (she had checked in the mirror the first time) that she began demanding a "new one". This Santa visit was SERIOUS STUFF.

She didn't speak a word to Santa. She barely looked at him. She did sit in his lap though and allow her picture to be taken. Last year she wasn't even in the picture - she was actually in the same outfit this year (minus the cute "Mrs. Claus" looking hat). Last year she was so freaked out we just couldn't bring ourselves to force her into a picture.. at your 3rd kid it really doesn't feel like complete necessity anymore. One year we handed Judah to Santa while he was sound asleep. He would have been kicking & screaming had he been awake - he was at that age. People asked us why we weren't waking him up. He was peaceful & with Santa.. and that was the only way that would be happening - if he was asleep! Honestly we felt that we had lucked out when we saw that he had cried himself to sleep while we were waiting in line!

This year Judah was walking in front of the camera.. this happened as probably 7 different kids took turns getting photographed with Santa. He would walk up to the monitor, check himself out, once even turning around & walking away as he checked out his backside! We were at my friend's coffee shop & knew a good handful of the parents there. Santa was in the back, kids were walking up to him when they felt ready or got bored with playing.. there was no line. It was pretty casual. My friend was running the Santa photography. Not one single parent complained to me about Judah walking in front of their kid, not one. Many smiled & talked to Judah. Eventually Judah made it to the Lego table and started chucking handfuls of tiny Legos into the air, like he was crashing cymbals in the sky that suddenly burst into a million tiny Legos rainbowing through the room. On his 3rd time making it to the Lego table to do this, my friend's kid walked over & joined him. Shit. Third time's a charm! We left. He grabbed one of the presents on the tables (decoration) and opened it as we were walking out, a trail of Peanuts wrapping paper behind him. He looked at the empty box as if he knew that's what it would be. He didn't even open it. He just set it on a table & walked away, ha.

Sebastian arrived with Gramma after we got there. Papa arrived. I definitely needed the help. At least 3 of my friends asked me when we got there.. "Do you have all three??" ha. Needless to say I couldn't order a coffee as I had to be on my toes, ready to dash across the room to Judah at any given second. He walked in front of the camera during one countdown and I couldn't pull him away! Thankfully it was my friend's kid.. and she thinks EVERYTHING is funny. The countdown.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. and at that instant I yanked him away, the photo snapped and that poor kid's facial expression read, "What the heck is going on??", captured in time as his toddler Santa photo. My friend looked at me and said, "Perfect timing!!" with a huge smile on her face, ha. Some people understand that life is about the moment.. and that was what was happening at that moment. She definitely gets that. Judah did get a photo of his forehead taken as he was up close to the monitor when another countdown went off (no kid with Santa that time). These were all automatically uploading to FB.

Sebastian was very serious talking with Santa, nervous & worried too. He asked for an "invisible sander" (timer that uses sand) and a robotic dog. It wasn't until bedtime that he explained to us that the SAND was invisible, that's all. Of course this was with a, "Duh!!!" attitude. He asked if he would be allowed to keep it if Santa got it for him. ?? On the way home Sebastian let me know that he was very worried about making the "nice" list. He was very worried that he wasn't going to get any presents. He did everything I asked for nearly the first hour after we got home. But bedtime rolled around soon after, unfortunately. And the wild kid appeared. He jumped on Scott's back while Scott was on the floor picking up books. Scott had told him repeatedly that his back hurt right before that. He spit on his neck directly after jumping on him & then dipped toilet paper in the toilet & put THAT on his neck. His madness lasted for hours (last night he didn't go down until 11:30pm due to this stuff!). At one point he landed on Judah's head while Judah was in his bed trying to sleep. I very quickly got Judah out of bed and told him he would be sleeping in my bed. Sebastian asked, "Why does Judah get to do that??!" And I answered, "It's not a privilege. We are keeping him safe. He isn't safe sleeping in here." That just broke my heart knowing that he had just slammed his body on Judah's head. I think he was trying to jump on Scott & Judah was in between them.

Santa photos below... These are the best ones I got of them with Santa. Willow was pushing Judah in Santa's direction at one point, urging him to go see Santa. He did go up & shake Santa's hand, but was barely beside him for 5 seconds. The amount of people overwhelmed him & the excitement of Santa quadrupled that I'm sure. He was constantly on the go.


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