Friday, March 6, 2015

20 years

Twenty years goes by quick.. my dad tells me this over the phone today. This instantly reminds me of the conversation I had with a couple of ladies last weekend, where I learned that women need to get a mammogram at 40. That's less than 2 years away for me. ?!?! How did THAT happen? These ladies garnished me with huge medical knowledge in a matter of only 15 minutes. Apparently I need a colonoscopy as well, as colon issues & colon cancer have shown up in my family in the past.

Ironically I did a lot of little kid things today, which was nice because I was able to temporarily shed 30 years of age for a while. I played dolls with my little girl. She has a very small, random selection of dolls. It's pretty clear now that she loves dolls, so we should really work on her collection. I had no intention of pushing dolls, pink or tutu's on her, I wanted HER to decide. She plays with her brothers. We have lots of trains & cars.. they seem to give birth here.. and we have many births. She was slowly introduced to the "other" kinds of toys and once I led her down the pink toy aisles at Target it was painfully clear that she was much more into pink than cars. But not just "into" pink, she wants to be a princess EVERY DAY. She's completely opposite of childhood Molly.

So today I played dolls with her. She has an enormous doll house, thanks to a coffee shop my friends owned that recently had to shut it's doors. We got the doll house and the 2 big McQueen & Dinoco cars that Judah was always magnetized to when we went to their coffee shop. The dollhouse came with the assortment of leftover dolls they had acquired over the years.. an African American doll with a Mohawk & tattoos that someone had "inked" on her with a pen. Willow calls her "Mom". Then we have the doll that reminds me so much of a doll my mom kept in her sewing room when we were wee little ones. It's about 6 inches tall with a yellowish plastic body, no hair & weird eyes. I think of my mom's old sewing basket when I see that doll. The doll house also came with a Ken head. Yes, that's right, Ken's head with no body. That's Willow's favorite of the "dolls". But it's a beautiful Ken head! A make-up artist in Barbie world had to have done his make-up, it's astounding. We got some random dollhouse furniture as well, a big sink with a lid (which may be a toilet, I'm not sure), a very good size pink bunk bed with peculiarly long beds.. I can't remember what else came with the doll house, but the point is, Willow needs Barbies, Monster High, Bratz.. she really isn't picky. Today we had to use Dora (the one that sings the Spanish & English potty song). Dora was the GIANT.. she couldn't fit in the house unless her legs were bent. But she was still a child of the African American Barbie sized doll that Willow affectionately calls "Mom". Mom is the only one with clothes.. she has a jacket, that is wide open, so pretty much pointless as far as being clothed is concerned.

It was so fun! We were supposed to be headed outside to play with Sebastian, but I really didn't want to stop playing dolls! So we didn't stop, until Sebastian came in for like the 3rd time to ask what was taking us so long. Childhood Molly definitely missed out on the doll thing!! What fun!

I'm teaching Willow to dribble a basketball. She really wants to do karate though.. over everything, even gymnastics. Judah wants to do gymnastics and play piano. Willow wants to play drums. Sebastian hasn't decided, he'll probably take a swing at everything.

Tonight Sebastian was telling me that he was little & that he couldn't do anything. So I listed off the PLETHERA of things he can do, which led to my childhood recess because jumping rope (the long one with a kid on each end), was on that list. He can DO that! I ended up teaching him 4 square by the end of the conversation and selfishly swimming through nostalgia for a while. We talked so much that he went right to sleep after I left his room! Usually he's up for at least an hour begging us to come talk to him more or getting out of bed to find us.

And Judah, well we re-enacted parts of the movie Cars with his stuffed McQueen car. He thought that was fantastic! I kept him up a bit longer than usual as well... because it was reeelly fun! :)

And then back to reality.. less than 2 years before the doctors are squishing my boobs with a big machine.. (that's how I'm picturing it anyway). Life goes by entirely too fast. I miss growing up. I want to find pictures of my childhood school to show Sebastian.


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