Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Diaper Progress & Brush College Park Biking

We tried out a new park today - Brush College Park. It's directly across the street from J's school & very well hidden behind the trees & down a small dirt road.

I'll post what I wrote to Dave about it (much easier).

Yes, we tried Brush College Park. It's an adventure for sure! It is very well hidden. You drive into what appears to be a very small 1/2 parking lot on the side of the road.. but once you drive in you begin to see a small road.. and follow it around and suddenly there's a big park! It would be a great place for birthday parties & nature walks. There was hardly anyone there. They have a bunch of covered picnic tables, a playground without any areas on the play structure that made me nervous and a tremendous amount of grassy field to play in. We did cross a couple pieces of a trail that had a very small walkway with a sharp, muddy drop-off.. and river at the bottom. Willow was scared to cross those without my help- but I wasn't about to let her do it on her own, even if she wasn't scared. Other than that it seemed like a good park for the kids. 
I let him ride through the stream - he was on his old red bike. The chain on his new one is off (just discovered this today). So I wasn't really concerned about the bike and the water was shallow. He doesn't have any "play shoes" right now, that would have been a lot better, but shoes are washable. He was very excited about getting to ride through the stream. He couldn't believe I allowed him to do it, haha.
There are also muddy areas on the field that aren't viewable from far away - just fyi in case you all ever go there. Of course they found the mud. Willow thought she was stuck in it, ha. She was standing there screaming. Then we went back to the stream to get clean, ha.
I'll try to remember to post the video of Sebastian riding his bike across the stream on here. Feel free to remind me if you are interested in seeing it!! Scott doesn't know about this event yet. ;)
Judah is now putting on his diaper/underwear/pants when he has to poop completely on his own! He requests a diaper and does it himself. The other morning I refused to do it for him.. I just handed him the diaper and told him I would go charge the I-pad so he could use it (he does this when he poops). He threw tantrums, laid on the floor crying, followed me around ... "Mom-meeee!!", etc. This went on for quite a while. He finally gave in. He's done it every day since then!! Tomorrow will be day 4! Yesterday he requested a diaper and did it himself at least THREE TIMES! He's responding really well verbally lately. The other day I was in his room and asked him if he was ready to get cleaned up.. "Nope." I let him know I was going to take Sebastian to school. He said, "Okay, bye Mommy." I didn't even say bye!! Pretty friggin' incredible.

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