Monday, November 10, 2014

Gramma & Sebastian Today - Written by Gramma

Post written by Gramma..

My printer isn't working so I will just email you how Sebastian did tonight. We read a book that we got him in WY about a chipmunk who lives in a museum. He learns how to figure out math concepts and recognize shapes in art. We did a few math problems in the book.  We walked over to the Hallie Ford museum as there's an exhibit that I think he'd like intending to do a math and word walk but it was closed for a class. We will try again on Wednesday.

Then we headed back to my office where we did some work on colors moving from English to Spanish. We worked on his N words and he wrote two sentences and read the other three, translating them from Spanish into English. Well done! 

We discussed the rule, "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking," to get him to understand "ee" and "ea" sounds. He did well! We began lesson 9 which introduces "ar" words and some new sight words. "You" is the big one. He traced it, repeated it, and then closed his eyes to photograph it into his mind. He said he'd photographed the picture of the girl sitting beside the word, too. HA.

He's getting good at filling in blanks to a sentence which teaches comprehension. He wrote two sentences in his home writing notebook. I kept the numbers book for Wednesday when we'll go at the math harder. His understanding of addition and subtraction is growing.

Supper at Pita Pit. He loves that place.

Karate was challenging! They did some complicated moves, kicked the punch bags, dropped to the floor and sprang up again, and must have been exhausted at the end. A real work out. One thing he might work on at home is "right," and "left." He kept getting confused. I thought he knew those pretty well so maybe it was just a mix up that threw him off a bit. But, he's probably one of the few in the group who've not been through the moves before and he did great. His other two patches are on order so when I get them, I'll sew all four on his second uniform.

Feel better everyone!! Hi Willow! Hi Judah!! love, Monka

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