Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Surrounded In Signing

Toy Story of Terror came on television recently. It pops up on cable around Halloween time. We DVRed it & Judah wants to watch it every day lately! He kept asking to see it when he got home from school, but I needed him to eat lunch so he could be ready to go when his aide arrived. He asked at another time too, but again it was time for him to be doing something else. He & Willow were waiting for me to make their dinner. I had let them know that was what I was doing. Judah came into the kitchen and said (probably incredibly determined to watch Toy Story at this point, haha), "Toy Story why waiting?" As Judah's mom I can tell you that his words were equivalent to - "Can we watch Toy Story while we are waiting?" It was unreal. I kissed him & praised him & immediately turned on Toy Story of Terror!!

I posted an "ISO" in a FB selling group tonight. ISO = In Search Of. My ISO was for ASL material. Never would I have guessed how many responses I would get! In about an hour's time a river of responses began to flood underneath my post. These were ideas, people offering to help, people offering ASL items, etc. The one person who had books to sell even came up with one she could give me for free when I told her I couldn't afford her books (they were college text books). From what I've heard & seen, there is a pretty large deaf community in the Salem area. Add to that people using sign language to communicate with their babies & people with various disabilities using sign language and you've probably got a fairly substantial amount of resources & help floating around nearby! The trick is to find it! Just like autism, there are people everywhere who are raising kids with autism.. but finding them is not easy by any means.

Below are some of the responses I received..

  • I has some sign kids and adults too in storage box
  • Yes they are expensive (Baby Sign Language) but keep an eye out as they do have deals and bundles often especially around the holidays. I think Netflix has some too now that you can stream...
  •  I know ASL and would be willing to help in anyway.
  • I am Deaf and have been using ASL for my whole life, let me know if you need help with anything. :)
  • Also Willamette education school district does have sign language teachers to visit babies to 5 yrs old at homes also help parents to learn too!
              ?!?!?!?! - my brain's response to the comment above
  • You might be able to check out the Signing Time videos at the public library.
  •  I have ABC poster but it tear down. I can give it to you free you can tape it together because I have extra poster. Also I saw sign language book at upon a child store few days ago
  • Once Upon A Child is a children's resale shop.
  • You tube also has lots signing times videos and ill PM you some more info
  • I don't know if you checked it out but netflix has a show called signing time geared towards kids
  •  Are you familiar with Camp Taloali? It's located right outside of Stayton on Hwy 22. It's a camp for deaf and hearing impaired students. The staff is super nice and they would probably be a wealth of resources as well as connecting you with other families who sign.
  • Oregon School for the Deaf, has all kinds of resources and can answer any questions you may have.
These folks were messaging me with ideas & info as well. One woman lives in our neighborhood, has taken 8 years of ASL classes & said she would be happy to help however she could. She has offered to give us some sign language dvds. She recommended music as well - even sharing the name of a lady in W. Salem that runs some type of music program that might be helpful for Judah. She highly recommended her.  

These people totally made my day.
Judah was signing to me in the van. One sign at a time, then he wanted me to say what he was signing. He was on probably the 6th sign and it was something I didn't know. A few guesses later he smiled, letting me know that I had finally guessed it. He is really getting it down!! I found some other sign language cards that we hadn't shown him yet. A friend had given them to me months ago. I had his aide work on those with him today. He really enjoyed them - there were lots of new signs! Although I'm not sure he'll need to use the sign for "mouse" or "horse" anytime soon, haha. Hopefully not the mouse anyway!!!
Sebastian had some behaviors last night & this morning. Scott & I are going crazy. After school Sebastian worked hard to stay calm. He got upset not long after he got home because of some confusion as to what I was asking him to do. It took a bit, & any other day it would have likely escalated out of control, but he worked hard to calm down & was able to move on & have a good rest of the day. He did his reading & sentences before karate & dinner. He pulled weeds in the garden. And he wasn't nearly as loco at bedtime as usual.
Willow has been using so many new sentences today. We were putting window clings on the playroom windows with the aide this afternoon. They were numbers, shapes & letters for the kids to use. Willow & Judah were sticking them on & Willow says.. "This is really hard." She continued on though, even after we had all left the room! She stayed in there for another 20 minutes! She told the aide, "Bye...(insert Chinese name here)." clear as day, twice!

Judah missed his shot last night since I went to bed early. It looks like Scott is doing the early bedtime tonight.

Judah didn't poop today (that I know of!). He missed his fish oil, nebulizer (we need to call again to see if they can fill gluta script yet). Scott did his skin rash med. J's rash isn't looking so good, hasn't gone away in a week or so. We may need to go back to dermatologist. We also need to start eye drops again. The eye doctor said his eye condition has improved a lot and told us to continue with what we were able to do (eye drops once a week). I can see his affected eye beginning to lose that strength as we haven't done it in so long.


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