Monday, November 10, 2014

Lone Survivor

Sebastian was sick the 6th & 7th.
Judah started getting sick yesterday (9th) and was sick all day today (the 10th).
Willow started getting sick on the 7th and was sick all day on the 8th.

After the second full day it seems to linger a bit. They all had fevers the first two days, were very tired, sore throats too.

Sebastian was out of control tonight. Scott was giving him positive attention, looking at the work he had done with Gramma today, etc. Then Sebastian got on Willow's ride-on toy (something he knows he isn't supposed to do - constantly doing this and it seems to be without him even realizing that he's doing it, constantly being told to get off of the toy). He was told to get off of the toy and then it quickly escalated into Sebastian riding on any toy he could find, making very loud noises/chants/songs & laughing hysterically.. Judah was on the floor not long after this began, covering his ears & crying. Scott pointed this out to Sebastian - nothing slowed down, Sebastian's behavior continued to escalate out of control. Sebastian later apologized to Daddy & Judah after he had been in his room calming down for a few minutes. "Judah I'm sorry that I was being so loud & scared you like a monster."

I've had a headache today. Scott was feverish yesterday & is starting to get better - missed work today. Willow seems much better. Sebastian spent 3pm on with Gramma - working on reading, etc. and then went to karate with them. We told the aide not to come in since Judah was sick. I forgot she only worked through early afternoon and that another aide came in at that time. The other aide called in - less than 10 minutes before her shift was to start - telling me that her mom was sick so she couldn't come in, and that she had heard Judah was sick anyway. Mom, Dad.. please let me know when you are sick in the future so I can call into work (if I am employed that is). I'm sure that must apply to in-law parents as well. ;) She's the same one who called in because she got her period. haha.

The past few days Judah has been carrying around one of his sign language books & reading it. He knows all of the signs in it by heart now. He also knows the flashcard signs (the cards go with the book). We need the next Signing Time books (Mom is looking into purchasing these). The next Signing Time dvds are needed as well - I found someone who might be able to help us out with that and it would be for free (just one Mom relating to another Mom's situation).

Sebastian's handwriting is improving a lot. His teacher is no longer sending home classwork for the following day. She hasn't been for weeks, not sure why. Maybe there are no sentences to send anymore?

I need to volunteer in Sebastian's class again very soon. During the field trip on Halloween the teacher & I discussed Sebastian's attention span. She told me that she could explain things in English repeatedly but Sebastian wouldn't do it until she showed him how - doing it herself. Then he would do a bit & then suddenly stare off into space. This made me sad.

Judah missed his massage tonight. He was pretty lethargic - has been all day. He drank a smoothie & ate a handful of Veggie Straws. He had apple sauce today as well. He missed his fish oil, nebulizer (still need gluta), folinic acid in shot (still need some), iron up & b-6 (I've been doing these 2 daily really well lately) and probably missed his beta. We are out of Miralax and in desperate need of some to get his bm's going daily. He usually has one every other day or daily - but has missed 2 days in a row lately  (a number of times). Only had pain 2 days (a couple weeks ago) and that was when we were out a lot. He is still pooping in diaper, wetting the bed every night (lake-size quantity) and going potty completely on his own (pee) every day, no prompting needed.

Judah had no bm.

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