Monday, November 3, 2014

Match Card!

Yes, I realize gaps are starting to form between blog posts. I feel really selfish about not blogging, but it does give me more time & ultimately makes for a happier Molly. There are days though, when writing makes me feel really good.. and on those days, I blog. Blogging every day is a struggle.. because once I start writing it's hard to stop.. and as I'm writing I'm reminded of other things that happened that day that would be good to include.. and then I go back and re-read what I've written.. and I correct things and add better descriptions.. and when it's all said & done, I've spent 3 hours of my night typing on a computer. 3 hours blogging about everything that happened that day.. which I've already lived, my kids have already lived.. we've all already lived. I want those 3 hours to connect with my husband, to do things that need to be done around the house, to come up with ideas on how to help each of my children enjoy life more.. which would obviously help them to progress more as well. I want to do art. That's one of the best feelings for me.. calmness, creativity, excitement, sharing.. I love art. I don't want to blog every day. I want to do art every day. And I honestly do feel like a selfish a-hole for not writing in here on a daily basis anymore. Blogging daily doesn't feel right to me.

My parents didn't blog when I was a kid. That didn't make my childhood memories disappear when I hit 30. It took over 3 hours to mow our damn lawn. Even if the internet had existed at that time, they wouldn't have had time to blog! My mom always had a long drive to & from work. And she worked late a lot. Blog time would not have happened for most people that had that lifestyle - but my mom has some kind of magical powers that allow her to work & work & work.. she has unexplainable motivation. She would have found blog time, somehow. She made books for each of us when we were little. We each had a story that she had written about us. I wonder where those ended up. My brothers & I went to work with my dad every day. We came home when he came home. He was our principal. That has nothing to do with blogging, I just felt like sharing. ;)

We went to J's gymnastics yesterday. From there we went to lunch.. and then to the Children's Museum. All of the kids went in for J's gymnastics. They weren't upset or jealous at all! Well, until I was asked to come in & help out. Then Willow got upset. She wanted to go too. Judah was having his first 1 on 1 session. We took the instructors advice and switched him to1:1. We'll try it for a couple months & then maybe go back to group. I'm pretty sure he was upset that his friends weren't there. He had many meltdowns. His aide had come with us. She went in to help. He started yelling for me. I was asked to go in. His instructor told me to jump down the long trampoline, then he would follow (like he did in his group class). Then I had to jump off the trampoline, jump into circles, etc. Ha. It was ridiculous!! Totally didn't see that one coming. She said we would try that for one more session & then see how it goes. She wants to do a social story for him and use me as the last step. So a picture of me would mean that it's time to go home. Man. I'm totally committed now. It's too bad I'm in ridiculously bad shape!

J's aide sat in the back with Sebastian (I offered her the front all day long, I swear!). She helped Sebastian work on his math all the way from Salem to Beaverton (gymnastics) and then from gymnastics to McDonald's in Beaverton and then from McDonald's to the Children's Museum in Portland and then all the way back to Salem! He got frustrated one time (that I saw/heard). She praised him a lot & showed him different ways to do math problems, different ways to think. And he was learning. They had at least 3 notebook pages front & back overflowing with math. His answers were correct the majority of the time on those pages. It was pretty awesome. He was able to teach her a little Spanish throughout the math time as well. This morning I walked into the living room to find the aide again helping Sebastian with his math.. probably for a good half an hour. He was completely dressed (usually this happens after breakfast & isn't a smooth process). She helped him make his breakfast.

Sebastian told me that it was cold inside his school today. "It was like an ice box in there!" He said, "I thought about getting really angry so I could get hot." ha! I told him that wasn't a very good way to get warm. He replies very seriously, "I've done it before." ??! ha!

After school I rewarded Sebastian with some math dry-erase flashcards that I had recently bought. He was happy. Each card has 10 math problems on it. Immediately upon opening them, he made his way through about 7 cards, answering every problem on each card. When he wasn't doing problems right, I would explain how to do them & then ask him for the answer. He would give me the correct answer & then go on to correct his other problems. Not a fuss at all. When he is interested in something & wants to do something, he gives it his all. He must have the same mystery motivation gene that Gramma has. Not long ago, he wanted to learn how to use the pogo-stick. He would be outside on it, wearing his bike helmet & bouncing around the front yard at 7 in the morning every single day, until he finally mastered it. Sebastian is going to do something for J's aide to thank her - I'm trying to help him come up with an idea. He was able to stay focused for over an hour at a time with her. It was insane. I doubt she knows how unbelievable that was. With us he gets frustrated easily & distracted every 10 minutes or sooner.. and obviously progress isn't going to be much at that rate.

Today Judah's aide worked with him on matching. He hadn't seen this matching game in probably a year? The last time I had tried it with him he didn't seem to understand the concept of matching - he didn't know what he was supposed to do. Instead he would pick out a few of the cards (they all have trains on them) and study them. This usually lasted for about 10 mins max. She videotaped him matching today. He did it with EASE and was enjoying it! Even stranger, she was holding her phone right in front of him, recording him & he wasn't bothered one bit! She even warned him beforehand that she was going to video him. Typically he avoids cameras, looks away, walks away. It's just something that makes him really uncomfortable. You would never see him having fun with a video camera a foot away from his face.. and even looking into it from time to time! But today that was the case. And the matching trains (which were different but still all trains, not really that easy to do quickly) was unreal. He did it quickly. She had a lot of the cards out at once and still it didn't phase him. Link below.

Tim, Erin & "my Olive" (as Willow calls her) left yesterday. They were here for a few days. We spent time with Olive at the Children's Museum where they were still doing the Wizard of Oz theme. She had a blast - especially with the make-up! Dave, Mom, Scott, myself & the aide were all there & it was still difficult to keep up with the kids!! We were continuously trying to make sure we had them all in sight & that they were all safe. Five adults & only FOUR kids!

The kids got to trick-or-treat with their cousin Olive, uncle Tim & aunt Erin. I'll throw in some costume pics below.

Sebastian started his black belt classes today. He was one of 3 kids in his basic class asked to move up to the black belt classes. He is enjoying it & doing really well! It's 3 years of work to get to black belt. There's no doubt in my mind that he will keep up with it & do well.

Judah has been getting his supplements & nightly Qigong massage. We are still out of folinic acid and aren't able to get the beta in every day (but we have been lately!!). He has been having some constipation issues again. He was in pain yesterday & the day before (but we were also out & about a lot, doing exciting things, so he was likely holding in what needed to come out). Today he was home with his aide all day. No pain before bowel movement and it came quickly.

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