Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Doggy Turned Princess

J's gymnastics instructors have recommended that he change to a 1:1 class, as opposed to his usual group class. It's been a month & his instructor is still spending too much time redirecting & instructing him, while trying to make sure all of the kids are safe at the same time. Obviously this is not fair to the other kids, they don't get their fair share of attention and help. They might as well be his siblings. His teachers believe he needs one-on-one to learn how to follow directions. However, the group gives him the social piece, which he needs as well. It's hard to read a surprise email from your kid's teacher that begins with them listing any & all strengths they can think of about your kid, because you know the end isn't going to be any good. It's not really bad news. My heart just breaks a little for him every time we are told things like this.

We had an exchange student when I was little, Kindergarten age I think. She lived with us for a year in a small Missouri town. She was high school age. She attended high school while she was living with us. She was from Japan. Our family kept in touch with her after she went back to Japan. She was part of our family. Years later she came back to live with us for an extended amount of time again. She started teaching English when she went back home to Japan. She posted yesterday on Facebook pieces of her history that she wanted to share & document. It was seriously interesting. I felt like I was reading the storyline of a good movie. She posted old photos of family members as well. That post began with her saying that she didn't think she would live much longer. She says she can hardly walk. She's been sick for some time, but I don't think any of us realized how bad it was. Even though we've been able to reconnect & keep in touch through Facebook, I still had no clue that her illness was this bad. Of course I commented on her post yesterday telling her that I loved her & how special she is to me & my family. She responded, she said our generosity & love were what had made her time with us so great. She added that she knew I was raising a kid with special needs and she explained how he was put into this world for a reason. Her thought was that he disrupts the cycle we are all accustomed to & helps to free our minds - so true. She chose to hand me strength in her time of huge weakness. She openly gave me love to carry with me into the future. The entire time I was reading her post I never pictured her crying or sad. Instead I pictured her telling a story.. which I'm sure would make her happy. She has been forced to give up control of her life little by little, yet she continues to be gracious, open & very loving... She's such a beautiful person.

I made a video of one of J's aide doing his signing flashcards with him. He's almost got those down. Unfortunately he decided to stop signing when I began recording. He still told her what the card said though. After signing a dozen cards or more, he just decided eating was a much better use of his hands.

I've taken Willow out a few times in the past 2 days. We finally have chunks of Mommy/daughter time & it's no fun!! She runs away, slides around on grocery floors, throws random items into the cart.. yesterday she took gloves out of the cart that I was going to buy for her costume (and Judah's!). I didn't realize she had done this until we got back home. Then I had a sudden flash back of those gloves laying on the floor in the sewing aisle. She seems to run farther away each time we go somewhere. I'm literally running, every single time, yelling her name. I look like a fkn crazy person, while she is smiling & laughing.. running down the sidewalk at the edge of a busy parking lot.. or running in & out of aisles at a store.. sometimes I can't see her & have to search.. it's awful. She loves to chat in the car & really enjoys her Mommy/daughter time at home, but if I want to go anywhere it seems to be pretty much guaranteed that her mind is set on going for a run.

The trash was supposed to go out last night. I came home from the store with Willow and saw the trash truck as it passed by our house. "Sh**!!!" Our trash was overflowing, we couldn't wait a week for them to come back. I was going to run after him & flag him down.. after all that's what I do, run & yell.. only this time after a trash truck not a 2 year old little girl. But I was tired of running & yelling. Although the truck was out of sight now, after turning left and heading towards our street's dead-end, I knew that he would come back in our direction & pick up the trash on the other side of the street. I grabbed our trash can and dashed across the street! I put it right in front of our neighbor's house (a cop no less) & ran fast as lightening back to our side of the street. Willow & I stood & watched & waited. The truck was heading towards our trash.. it slowed down and then passed it! As if he knew what I had just done. ?!?! He stopped 7 feet later, to pick up the neighbor's GREEN trash can (the one that you fill with grass & leaves). He wasn't the trash truck! Ugh!!!! I ran across the street again, grabbed our trash can and flew back to our side of the street with it.

Thirty seconds later I look down our street to see that another trash truck was headed towards our dead end! There were two!! Once again, I grabbed our trash can & dashed over to the cop's house as fast as I could. Then I ran back to our side of the street. I stood with Willow, who didn't know what the he** I was doing, ha. Thankfully, THAT truck got our trash. As soon as the truck was out of sight I ran across the street... again grabbed our trash can.. and ran it back to our house. I'm sure that was some good entertainment for the old couple across the street. They keep an eye out.

Judah's aide (the gorgeous musician) took him to McDonald's to play. Rainy day. She said he did really well. She thought she would brave the mall with him. His last time there was not good at all, she knew that. She had never gone to the mall with him before. Her eyes were so big when she told me, "He was sooo good!" As if she couldn't believe it, haha. She said, "At one point my hands were really full and I dropped a cup. He ran over to get it, picked it up and brought it back to me!" haha. She said he would look at displays, sometimes pick up items and then set them right back down. They stood on the sky bridge where he counted cars passing underneath them & told her "person" when he saw someone walking below. He pointed at the "person" when he said that. She asked him what color things were. She said he got all but one right.. he said blue when she thought it was more of a purple, haha. So super good outing for him!

Sebastian & I read, "Bear Snores On". I love books that have a rhythm, books that have good rhyming. I read it to him like a crazed rap star. He found that pretty entertaining. After that he read really well, trying to go back & rap out the sentences he had just read! It was fun. We read that book twice in a row!

Well, Willow seems to have chosen princess over  doggy. Ugh!!! I went through 3 managers & tons of waiting at Wal-Mart last night to purchase a yard and a half of fabric that I was going to use for her doggy costume. Of course during all of this waiting there was lots of fun to be had for Willow. At one point I turned around and she had somehow opened a SEALED bottle of bright orange paint and was holding it in her hand, looking into it with wonder. I grabbed it quickly!! Of course she ran away too... numerous times. And laid on the floor, and slid on the floor and crawled on the floor. It's like payback, but I'm not sure what for. The lady that cut the fabric couldn't get it to scan. I had to wait on a manager. When I got to the front of the store I realized that they hadn't tagged the fabric, it had no price! We had to wait on another manager.. she finally arrived. She then walked the fabric to the back of the store where I had found it. She took much time trying to figure things out. She came back & punched in the total.. which was wrong. She had to walk to the back of the store again.. it was ridiculous. We were standing for so long my back was starting to hurt and the cashier was trying to come up with conversation because I was standing 2 feet in front of him for so damn long.

So yeah, now Willow wants to be a princess. I have items that I could use to make her into a forest fairy. To her, wearing a dress makes you a princess, so she'll still be a princess. This costume will give me more room to expand my creativity. I just wish I would have had more notice that she was going to change her 2 year old little mind!!!!

Judah did not poop today. He did poop the past two days though (yesterday small & the day before that an explosion all over the playroom). The explosion was directly following 2 days of no pooping.

Judah missed nebulizer, folinic acid in injection, powder b-6 & iron-up. He had 2 doses of Miralax.

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