Friday, October 24, 2014

Six Moms!

Judah's Friday morning aide has a 4 hour shift. In that time they worked on writing letters, signing, she got him to eat mandarin oranges in his applesauce (a miracle in itself) & spent time trying to figure out if he's right or left handed - she's convinced he's right handed. He finally pooped. Unfortunately she had to deal with that, but never a complaint.

Willow & I ran out to sell an old Halloween costume to someone.. easy $12, which was spent within a few hours time, sigh. We stopped at Mother Goose (a resale kids shop) and I rummaged through the dollar rack. I found 13 items (some for each kid) & added to that a pair of sneakers for Sebastian at half off ($3.50). Unfortunately they seem to be too snug. Another half off shoe find was a pair of pink Hello Kitty crocs in good condition for Willow. Those were much needed!! And only $1.25! When we went into the store I quickly spotted a friend of mine. I swear I run into her every time I'm there (which isn't often!). She was leaving with her things when I greeted her. We stood there talking for over half an hour. We both have a son with autism - they are both the same age. We both have a little girl at the age of 2 1/2. We have many similar struggles. She was the one who told me about the company we get our aides from. I had messaged a group of friends for ideas on how to find someone to work with Judah & she had responded with the name of the company we are now using, saying she had heard good things. Turns out, she has never even used them!! She is struggling to get her son's hours covered & having pretty crappy experiences with the people she has hired. I gave her the name of the lady who schedules our aides (their supervisor). She was very eager to call. I hope they are able to change her life as much as they have changed ours. After all, she is the source that showed us that road!

Latte Play (my friend's coffee shop) is going out of business. Young at Art is going out of business. These were two very kid friendly businesses & two awesome places to take your kid in Salem on a rainy day. Just doesn't seem right. Salem needs them. People love them.

We had a meeting with J's school speech therapist & teacher at the house today. His main aide was here. She was very ambitious to exchange info & ideas with them. It was a very positive boost to the meeting. It created even more of a team feeling. His school speech therapist & teacher are very ambitious & dedicated as well.

Directly following that meeting, all of Judah's aides came in, along with their supervisor, and we had ANOTHER meeting at the dinner table. This time it was Scott, myself, Judah, four aides and the supervisor! Scott & I were there to chime in and offer ideas & knowledge about Judah. These ladies were sitting at our table coming up with ideas on different ways to help Judah's progress, sharing what they had been doing with him & basically just connecting to become one big aide for Judah, ha! They all exchanged phone numbers. The supervisor suggested that the aides all email her after their shift with info on what their shift was like. She wants to combine all of the information in these emails & turn it into a weekly Judah newsletter (basically). She said that she will email the finished product out to the aides & myself every week. I gave them a list of the school parent trainings. They can partake in those. The school speech therapist told me at her meeting that she would happily train the aides on the Star Program. Plus the aides have trainings at work & are given info on trainings taking place outside of work that are directly related to their kid's challenges (I didn't know that!!)

It's bizarre sitting back as a group of 5 adults discuss your child as if they were ALL his mom. "He's right-handed!" declared one. "We have to get him off of the baby food." stated another. They were talking to one another as staff, with us sitting right there.. it was weird. "Does he get bothered when his pants are under his feet when he potties for you guys?".. "How do you get him to the bathroom when he doesn't want his diaper changed??!" (Those two were said when the aides were all standing in a circle after the meeting, ha!)

It's such a good feeling knowing that Judah has sooo many people who genuinely love & care for him and are willing & eager to work hard to help him. And they have all helped him in enormous ways. The aides started over the summer & the teacher was brand new to him this year. All are incredible. We are so unbelievably blessed.

Judah missed fish oil (although Scott says he smells like fish?!), nebulizer, molasses & coconut butter (both of those came in the mail today), beta, iron-up, bethanechol, skin rash med should have been done but wasn't, dmg with folinic acid, powder b-6 not needed and folinic acid missed in his injection.  

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