Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"She's Talking To Me!"

Halloween is 9 days away.. maybe I should get going on making the spider and dog costumes.

No aides today. One had a migraine & the other let me know that she had gotten her period today & was having bad cramps. To anyone planning on ever calling in to work and starting the conversation with, "My period came today.", just don't do it. It's gross. "I don't feel well." is the same thing & so much better!!!

Judah said the names of two of his classmates before we even got out of the van at school this morning. He excitedly said all 3 of their names as he watched them get off of the bus, even saying, "Hi ____" to a couple of them.

Really rainy day today. I took the kids to a McDonalds play area that we never go to. A couple of the kids there talked to Willow - 2 boys about Sebastian's age. She would look at me & tell me, "She's talking to me!" seconds after they spoke to her. They were still standing right in front of her, haha. One of the boys played with Judah for 2 minutes and was then asking Judah to play with him more and referring to him, in a nice way, as "mister funny voice". They had so much fun. Although I did have to climb halfway up a tube slide when Judah began frantically screaming for help. I'd never heard him sound so scared. He truly believed that he was stuck, but I easily pulled him down. He sat with me at the table for a few minutes & then dove right back into playing with his new friends. I told Judah that we would be leaving soon a couple of times before it was actually time to go. Every time I let him know that we would be leaving soon, he told me "no" and shook his head . When it was time to go, he still gave me a "no", but it didn't take long for him to agree to shoes & socks. Then he wandered around, just waiting on Willow, who was hidden away somewhere in the gigantic play structure. I had to carry her out of the play structure. I knew she wouldn't come easily. Their stance on leaving is completely opposite what it used to be. She used to be easy & Judah was the challenge.

Dad posted in his blog that he was diagnosed with skin cancer today. I'll check up on him soon.  That's got to be really scary & upsetting. I hope he is doing okay.

Judah's missing meds are all on order. We didn't do his skin rash med but his rash is still there, just not as big. He missed bethanechol, DMG with folinic acid & b-12, folinic acid in his shot, beta & molasses.

He didn't poop today.

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