Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Just a minute, Scott. I'm trying to talk to Molly."

While watching Judah at gymnastics this morning I saw that he is still running away from the group to jump into whatever he has just caught out of the corner of his eye that looks really fun. He is very aware of his class, what the teacher calls "his friends". He didn't like when the teacher tried to get him to jump backwards down the long mat instead of forwards (what they usually do). I don't think it was refusal, because backwards is probably more fun, I think he just thought he was doing it the way he was supposed to. So I started making a list at that point, of things we can work on with Judah that might give him a step-up in gymnastics & possibly knock out some frustrations & upsets that could happen during the sessions to come. I'll make sure he learns what backwards means this week. ;)

What hasn't changed a bit about his gymnastics class is the level of enthusiasm & excitement he has when he is there! Today he mimicked his teacher after she said, "Oh, mann!!" to another student. He followed her quickly in a very similar tone with an "Oh, mann!!" of his own. His instructor & the other instructor who was giving a separate lesson away from his class were both laughing. I've never seen them both laugh during classes! He definitely brings a big scoop of his wonderous joy to gymnastics!

After we arrived home I laid down in bed for a bit (gymnastics is early!!!). Willow came in and sat beside my head. I don't remember what she was talking about. Scott came in and told her that she needed to head out of the room. I do remember what she said then, "Just a minute, Scott. I'm trying to talk to Molly." ha! Scott couldn't help but smile. Willow didn't know what to say to me because she was so surprised that her comment had bought her some time!

Sebastian had some work time with Gramma today - she said he did a tough lesson today! Then they decorated the Gramma/Papa house for Halloween (I think).

Things to work on with Judah:
  • Directions - forwards, backwards, sideways, up, down, etc.
  • Reinforcing & rewarding "wait". He gets excited at gymnastics and often can't seem to wait his turn.
  • We need to get a routine of him going potty right before class down so it's not a fight. Can't do "potty first, then..." at home because we want to encourage his independence of going on his own when he needs to. He waits until last minute & I'm nervous that he will not be able to make it to the bathroom in time at gymnastics.. running from the gym to the waiting area, or that he will be so insistent & excited about being in class that he will wet his pants. Or maybe I should just stop worrying so damn much! If he has an accident he will likely learn from it & then the issue would probably dissolve fairly quickly.
  • I want to teach him what somersault means just to make sure he knows. They do a lot of somersaults. He knows how but often does it just when he wants to, as if he doesn't get when he is supposed to do it and thinks maybe it's just something you do when you feel like it! ?
  • We definitely need to work on waiting in line!
  • We need to work on helping him remember who he is behind in line - this may help with the waiting in line.
  • We need to teach him what "find" means. That was another direction she gave him that I am pretty sure he didn't completely understand & I don't know how she would motion that one out!?
  • We need to let the instructors know that he is learning to sign so they can use that - it will likely help since it's a visual and doesn't involve listening, because listening is hard to do when you are excited and doing things like walking across high bars on your feet & hands (Yes he did this!! I got a picture!).
Judah missed probiotic (it is ordered though! many bottles of it!), didn't do powder b-6 & missed nebulizer (still no gluta, trying to find a pharmacy that can fill it sooner than 3 weeks!)


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