Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quietly Painting

Judah & Sebastian were talking to their animals in bed. Judah had Spiderman and holds him up, "Hi, I'm Spiderman!"

Judah had a big outing with his regular aide  today - Gilbert House & waterfront park. He was all smiles on the swing in the backyard when they got home.

Willow & I had some quiet time while Judah & his aide were out. She did some painting at the table while I puttered around the house, in complete disbelief that this was really happening. Quiet house, content Willow at the table for over 15 minutes, nobody hanging off of my leg.. Miraculously Willow agreed to a bath after painting & I was blessed with even more tranquility & time to get sh** done.

Judah brought me a diaper this morning to let me know that he needed to poop?! I put it on him, then he walked right to the playroom & had a big, mushy poop. He had an accident today. That hasn't happened in forever! He didn't seem bothered by his pants & underwear being wet. In the past there's no way that wouldn't have bothered him! He refused to change. I had to help him with that.

Sebastian went from school to more work with Gramma to karate. He got another mark on his sash for doing a good job. Gramma  & Papa got to experience watching his karate session this evening.

I've been feeling awful all day, I'm really fighting it though! Congestion, runny nose, headache, aches.. all that crap. Tomorrow is Sebastian's Jog-A-Thon. Willow, Gramma & I will be there. Directly following that, J's aide and I are planning on taking the kids to the Children's Museum in Portland. The kids don't know about this - it will be a really good surprise!!

Apparently Judah ate some of his non-preferred snack at school yesterday! (mandarin oranges) He's been taking these to school for a month and has eaten them only with tiny bits of them shoved into his Rice Chex. I'm curious how much he ate of them yesterday. He also got the potty cue and brought it to the teacher (letting her know he needed to potty). Amazing!!!

Judah said "hi" to kids & responded to kids greeting him as well while he was out with his aide today.

Judah missed fish oil, 1/2 bethanechol (just got it), didn't do eye drop or rash med. Also missed probiotic. Didn't give him Miralax (we are working towards phasing that out & adding more oxy-mag and senna as needed - much more natural). Missed glutathione (nebulizer). Haven't done that for nearly a week - need to get more.

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