Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crazy In the Night

I'm trying hard to keep this blogs short. The amount of things I want & need to do plus time I want & need to spend with people is a tunnel with no end in sight.

Judah today - grabbing my leg, "Stay!!" or "Wait!!" He talked to Willow & then they exchanged Polar Express cds. Nothing exciting to him.. chatter, chatter.. then he set his case in front of her & took hers and went on watching television.

Judah told Sebastian "Po Spress!" then chased him to his room, grabbing him and pulling him to the living room. Judah said, "Sit!" and pushed Sebastian down on the couch. Sebastian didn't know what to do or say! He always realizes when Judah does things that are pretty huge progress wise. Often Sebastian just looks at me with a smile and eyes that tells me he wants to laugh. The aide & I were watching this unfold, not saying a word. It was entertainment!

Apparently Judah sang a verse from Brown Bear on his own to the speech therapist at school! She is eager to change his old goals. She realized that he had surpassed those over the summer during the first couple of hours she spent in his classroom this year.

Apparently they have the big Judah poster we made up in the classroom. They say that he goes to look at it every day, haha!

Judah signed "bike" on the way to school. He said "bike" when I saw him doing it. He shook his head no when I asked him if he wanted to ride his bike today. He was smiling & very proud of his signing. Later that day he nodded yes when I asked him if he wanted to ride his bike. We must do that!!!

Judah found the gymnastics business card on my bed & was looking at it, probably trying to figure out where he had seen the logo before. I told him "gymnastics". He immediately lit up, "a stix.. guh mastics!" He can say "nastix", but this time he was trying very hard to say the entire word correctly. He wouldn't let go of the card, so I showed him a pocket in my purse where he could put it. He knew that he could find it there when he wanted to look at it or use it to communicate gymnastics to us. I told him that's where it would be.

The aide here today said she can do the picture cards - she's been working with those for a long time. The paragraph above speaks to how well those could help Judah with communication, confidence and progression. I told her definitely.. definitely we will abuse that skill of hers!! ;)

Judah is now nodding for "yes" and doing thumbs up as well, saying "Good job!" when he does thumbs up. I showed him that one on some picture cards I was printing up. He liked it. He also liked the picture of the face with a tissue flying off of the center of it (blowing his nose). He's trying hard to blow his nose lately.  He's been doing somersaults! He used to do these but then stopped for a while. Gymnastics has brought them out again.

When Bash got home from school the kids all danced & jumped all over the place. The aide was working her first day here at home with Judah - she had only done an outing on her other day. So now she thinks that when brother comes home the house shakes and the kids fly!

Tonight Scott was standing at the bedroom door of the boys' room. He had the door cracked. Judah got out of bed and stuck his cup of milk through the space between the door and the doorway. All we could see was his arm, haha. He said, "all done".  Scott received the cup and Judah went right back to bed, haha.

Judah came to our bed in the wee hours of the morning. I cuddled with him and forgot to make the effort to get him back to his own bed - usually Scott will do this if I can wake him up. Judah is suddenly wetting the bed again (he sleeps with no diaper now but was keeping the bed dry for quite a while!). Of course after he climbs into bed with me he sleeps for a while and then wets the bed.. like half the damn bed. I had to get up and change all of my clothes! Scott changed Judah. I changed all of our sheets, scrubbed the bed & put a towel down on it. Scott put Judah to bed in Judah's bed. After finally getting back to sleep, Willow mozies in and wants to climb up in our bed. I'm so tired that I forget Judah was the one who had peed our bed & decided that Willow was the one who had done it. I jump out of bed & tell her, "No way. You are going to sleep in YOUR bed." I walk her to her bed & somehow end up sleeping in her bed with her the rest of the night. Not long after (when it was time to actually get up & start the day), I hear panicked Sebastian & Scott.. "Where's Molly!!??!" haha.

The even weirder night was the night before! I got up thinking it was 8am. I knew the aide was scheduled to be there at 8am so I popped out of bed, went to the boys' room, laid out their clothes for school & turned on their light in hopes of waking them up. Then I went to the kitchen to start breakfast. While in the kitchen I noticed that the oven clock read 2:08. Gahhhh!!! I turned around and saw Scott looking into the boys' well-lit bedroom. He then turned to look at me, with the expression of "What the hell is going on!!??" hahaha. I walked by him & mumbled, "I didn't see the clock right." and went back to bed. Man, thinking about that the next day made me feel like I was mentally nuts!!

A few nights before that night, Judah was again in our bed. He started coughing. I woke up, pushed him out of bed into a standing position while saying, "Scott!! Wake up!!! Oh my god!!" Then I started trying to do the Heimlich maneuver on Judah from my seated position in bed. Judah wasn't even coughing anymore, he was just standing there, not knowing what the hell was going on. Then I told Scott Judah was okay and we all went back to sleep, hahaaaa.

I talked with one of the dads at Sebastian's school. He was at Sebastian's birthday party - his son is friends with Sebastian, but got stuck in the other 1st grade class, so they only see each other at recess now. The dad said his son LOVES school & apparently grandma knows Spanish & mom understands it. I smell play date in the air!!!

Judah did not poop today.
He had no l-carnitine or probiotic. I think I forgot Miralax today. No b-12 in shot. No eye drop. No skin-rash med needed. No nebulizer treatment (found out the pharmacy we use for that can't do it for 3 weeks due to new FDA regulations - they have to get everything within code before they can fill that prescription). Had we called 2 days prior they could have done it. That pharmacy is in Wilsonville, the only pharmacy in the entire state that we've found that could fill that medicine. The other pharmacy Scott found is in Washington! Maybe we could talk Ben into grabbing it & meet him in the middle somewhere, jeeez! This is ridiculous!!!

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