Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Wars Reads Day!

Oh how I love it when someone else blogs for me!! Gramma was so sweet to send me an email about their day with the kids. Sebastian also told me the story.. that one was filled with much laughter!!

Written by Gramma:


Judah is playing trains and I'm checking my email. Sebastian just hoped on my trainer and said, "I saw the letters f a n and thought it said 'fan,' so I turned it on.

Willow and Sebastian had their pictures taken with the entire Star Wars crew but I hit the wrong button on my phone and have no pictures. Sigh. I have some really great photos of the crew with the other kids there! David ran to the car to get my real camera but it was parked half a mile away and the Star Wars crew stepped into the elevator minutes before he came running up the escalater. Then we had lunch at Joe's Burgers. It took a very long time for them to make two hamburgers and a hot dog. Lots of people.

Then Sebastian wanted to go back to Barnes and Noble.  At Barnes and Noble after he had his picture taken with Princess Lei, he said he wanted to buy a book. He chose a book over toys! He got an early reader Star Wars book. He also wanted to buy a workbook for writing and reading that are Star Wars themed. How could I say no? He was trying to read all the book titles in the bookstore and some of his book on the way home. Wow! We tried to buy Willow a book in another section of the store. She kind of liked one but put it away as we were leaving taking my hand and saying, "I want Star Wars." She wanted something from the SW collection where Sebastian had found his books so we found her a little doll that looked like something from another galaxy! She talked to it all the way home.

Big problem: After we were done looking at books and ready to check out, I noticed my wallet was not in my purse. We looked everywhere. I had not had it out at all so I figured someone had stolen it from my purse or it had dropped out somehow in the car? Hoping...So Dave ran back to the car, that was parked a half mile away, while I was losing my mind. He found it on the floor under my seat. I've not been so relieved in a very long time.

Sebastian copied the first page of his new SW book in his notebook on the way home, presenting it to me to read. Willow thought what he was doing was pretty fascinating. Earlier that day, he'd filled a page and a half of his notebook with words he "was just thinking about." Some sentences that were similar to those we are doing with our reading lessons.

After we picked up Judah, we were driving home and David coughed, forgetting to cover his mouth. From the back seat this little high voice said sweetly, "Cover your mouth, please." We were all stunned. Judah was smiling. It was him! He's been very calm today and gone to the potty on his own.

Everyone helped put up Halloween window clings. Judah made sure they were all smoothed over and wouldn't come off! He found a pumpkin snowball and told me, "pumpkin." Then he explained, "water," since it's full of a liquid. I asked him to turn it over and make snow. He looked at me like I was crazy and then did it, saying, "Snow."

Off to cook waffles, nuggets, and whatever else is requested.

Judah had no bms today.
Judah missed iron-up, probiotic, beta & nebulizer. Skin rash med not needed. B-6 not needed.

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