Monday, October 6, 2014

Retouching School Photos

We had 3 aides working here today! Judah's regular aide came in for a few hours. A new aide worked with her, getting to know Judah. Judah & his regular aide were getting ready to head to the park when the new aide arrived. We had forgotten she was coming! Everyone was chatting, getting to know one another, but Judah was ready to go! He began trying to get everything together himself! He brought the aide the snack bag & even dragged the car seat out of the play room and put it by the front door! ha! As he was maneuvering the car seat he said, "On our way!!" hahaaa.They went to Bush Park & played.

The company that sends J's aides had a staff meeting at 2pm. So we had no one from 2-4. The lady that came in at 4 had been here shadowing other staff here on two different occasions. This was her first time working on her own. Unfortunately I had to leave 10 minutes after she got here. I was gone for all of 30 minutes. When I returned, I opened the front door and walked into a gigantic cloud of poop smell. She did get a diaper on him - she saw the signs & got it done. That was almost like a test, haha! He just wouldn't let her clean him up - which is how he is with everyone, even us. I set the timer & he got up & went to the bathroom after it rang. He wanted to stay in the bathroom & play in the sink when we were done. He wanted to put some of his talking cars in the water. When I wouldn't allow him to do this, he ran past the aide & into his room. He laid on his bed & pulled the covers up to his shoulders, ha! He didn't stay there long, but that was a rare sight!

Willow loves copying me while I'm getting ready in the bathroom. Today she had to lotion her arms & feet.. just like Mommy! ha.

Apparently you don't have to order school pictures to get into the yearbook. So this year we aren't buying them unless they turn out good & show his personality! He's had some school photos in the past that have not shown his personality at all. They just weren't genuine. It wasn't Sebastian. I nearly always end up with pictures that are better than the standard school photo when I use my own camera, personality & all! School photos have changed so much. The company that is doing Sebastian's photos have options on their form for basic retouching & premium retouching. Retouching??! Childhood photos are supposed to be captured memories, genuine memories. How confusing it would be for a grown-up to look back on their childhood photos & see how white their teeth once were. Then they would begin to wonder why the birthmark on their face wasn't there at age 7... ?? Crazytown.

Sebastian read for 25 minutes with me tonight. We read, "The Little Red Hen". His reading has really improved. Then I asked him to write out 3 sentences. I used the three Gramma had recommended since they involved sounds & words they had practiced at their lesson & in school today. He wrote all 3 sentences as I read them word for word. I read his sentences & saw that only two words were misspelled, amazing!  muy (my) and backpac (backpack) His teacher sent home the letters they will be learning this week & words using each letter/sound. It was a good size stack of papers! Gramma had requested these when we saw Sebastian's teacher on Friday. La maestra followed through!

Over the past 2 days, I was able to sell enough toys to fill a large box! They were all abandoned toys that haven't been played with in forever. I split them up into $5 lots. Each lot was worth more than $5, but I wanted to move them quickly. I sold all but one lot yesterday & the last one sold today! Also sold our huge play mat today! Space created!!

R. Symone (the adorable little girl from the Cosby show), tells the big "O" (Oprah), that she doesn't want to be labeled as "African American". She says, "I'm not African American. I'm an American." That's like standing in front of a wolf wearing a steak around your neck. Ha. Good for her. I mean, I doubt Oprah was asking, but good for R. Symone that she used her spotlight to give people who feel the same way more confidence in speaking up. You don't hear what she said very often.. if ever. But it's something that would probably be heard much more often if the fear of being rejected/hated/bullied, etc. wasn't so engrained into our minds as the outcome of being honest. She says that she doesn't know what country in Africa she is from, but she does know her roots are in Lousisianna.. she adds that (and I love this part) "I'm an American, and that's a colorless person... I have lots of things running through my veins." True that Raven.

Judah had his eye drop today. He had his b-6 powder, beta, fish oil & miralax too. He had all meds except probiotic, nebulizer treatment, & b-12 in shot.
Judah had large mushy bm. Skin rash med not needed.

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