Monday, October 20, 2014

If You're Crappy And You Know It Clap Your Head!!

I apologize for the leap in blog entries. Even worse, Judah has been having beautiful, unimaginably huge growth in the past few days! He sat with the aide today as she went through 2 sets of signing flashcards with him, probably 25-30 cards total? He said the word on nearly every one of them and signed every so often with no prompting from her! This evening I saw him sign "all done" to the vacuum cleaner, haha. He hates that thing. Willow does too. They run. Willow is afraid we are going to vacuum her feet or vacuum her up (she says these things!!) while Judah seems to be really bothered by the loud sound (Qigong lady believes this is due to him being more open to sound from doing the massage). Vacuum cleaners used to be exciting & fun to him. He didn't know I had seen him sign to the vacuum cleaner. I asked him, "All done with the vacuum cleaner Judah?" as I signed "all done". He smiled & did another sign (I don't know what it was, we have to learn!!). I said, "You want me to stop?" (one of the other signs I know, I wasn't actually vacuuming I just wanted to use a sign I knew to relate to the situation somehow).  He smiled again and signed "stop". He opened the closet door, told me, "put away" and helped me put it in the closet. Then I said, "thank you" and looked over to see him with has hand at his chin, signing "thank you" and smiling.

Judah likes to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" to himself sometimes. I started singing it to Willow tonight, who came up with many different things to be happy about.. If you're happy and you know it clap your head! She got very creative. Her enunciation is still not quite there with some words.. and some words she must hear differently than us.. because who calls their fingers their "nickas"?? She sang, "If you're crappy and you know it..." for quite a while tonight! While I was laying with her in bed she put her "nickas" on my eyelid and told me that she had just taken my eye out, haha.

Aide took Judah to the mall. I guess they have a toy store again.. which apparently has a pretty cool electric train! He had a meltdown when they had to leave the food court. He hasn't been to the mall in a long time & I honestly thought it would be a fun idea for them. But unfortunately that meltdown was unusually bad & he clung to her ankle for what sounds like a very long time.. across the mall... ?!??

Judah is so funny. I say to the kids, "YES.. or NO?" fairly often. I'm a parent. Judah was answering a question with a "no" answer when I was really looking for a "yes" answer (trying to get him to do something). He told me "nooooo" every single time. He stopped with his no's when he realized that his answer wasn't going to stop me from nagging at him. Then he started shaking his head no! Then he said my line! "YES.. or NO???" He followed that with a "NO" while shaking his head "no" back and forth. hahaa omg

Judah says "Wait!!!" when he wants us to wait, usually because he is afraid someone is being left behind. Today he told me "Wait!" because he didn't want me to leave the living room. He wanted me to put a movie in. I told him we couldn't watch a movie. Then he looks me dead in the eye and says in a calm manner & voice, "wait.." hahaa He's never done that!!

Sebastian exploded today when I wouldn't allow him to rearrange the garage to ride his plasma car. It just wasn't possible - but of course that was heard as me telling him he couldn't do something. That just got worse & worse & spun quickly out of control. He started punching things in the garage and was screaming at me things about how he doesn't want me to be his mom anymore, and how mean I am, etc. This traveled to his bedroom where he started punching his door & was actively looking for other things he could hit or do in his rage. Of course we had an aide here. That is what kept him in his bedroom. He wasn't going to do that in front of her, he would be embarrassed. Anyway, hugs & apologies eventually came & things calmed down for a bit. Then all the kids spun into crazy mode not long after.. I was running around trying to manage each kid tornado throughout the house. It was embarrassing, insane.. and just so disheartening as a mom. I just feel helpless sometimes when everything seems to be going quickly in the wrong/bad direction and I can't do enough to even slow it down! One of those days.. those "I need a new Mom days".

I'll try & back track & post either pictures or tidbits of our days. We did OMSI yesterday. Judah's regular aide was able to join us for that - she ended up working 8 hours that day! We all got up early to go to Judah's gymnastics & then followed that with a big day at OMSI (which was a much different experience than last time, the only other time we've been). It was really nice. Meemaw & Granddad got to watch Judah's gymnastics. His aide was also there & got a chance to talk with Judah's instructor (who happens to be an ABA therapist). They were able to chat for quite a while before the rest of us arrived. Very busy & awesome day.

Judah missed these today & yesterday - fish oil, nebulizer, dmg with folinic acid, bethanecol. don't think he needed skin rash med today but did it yesterday, no beta today or yesterday, no iron-up today, no molasses either day. Had miralax both days. Eyedrop has stopped for now. Powder b-6 done yesterday (done with iron-up).

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