Friday, October 10, 2014

"Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetle..".

Tonight we went to a family movie night at a friend's local business. It was a Halloween theme. The adults watched "Beetlejuice" on the big screen at the front of the store while the kids watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" at the back of the store. Beetlejuice is so much funnier when you see it as an adult and/or surrounded by friends! That was probably the longest amount of time Scott & I have been able to sit down & relax with all 3 of our children awake in the same room. The kids were really good. There were other parents getting up & some hanging out in the kid area for a bit.. they didn't all have it as easy as us! Scott got up some, but it wasn't really all that necessary. It was probably more out of nerves & habit!

On the way to movie night Judah was so happy & chatting away! I had the cord out for my phone & was going to charge it. Judah told me repeatedly, "put away". I looked back at him & said, "You want me to put this away?" He smiled. Suddenly it didn't seem so important to charge my phone anymore.

We got home from movie night & Scott took off for his gaming. The kids & I all snuggled into the Mommy & Daddy bed. Pic below. I posted this on Facebook and got so many "likes"! ??

I took Sebastian & Willow to Young at Art in Keizer this morning. Sebastian sat focused, calm & creating for at least an hour. It was incredible. I love that place- I was making art too! Willow really enjoyed the Play-doh & sensory table filled with sand. She also liked using the glue over & over, ha. They both loved painting the car! I wish I would have remembered my good camera. The camera on my phone is so delayed it's insane. And the pictures are never good.

Judah had a large bm.

Judah missed fish oil, beta, probiotic, iron up, & nebulizer. b-6 not needed. Eye drops not done.

Aide did Judah's rash med after his bath.

Judah missed massage (home late & Scott had to rush off).

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