Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish

Today Judah had a diaper on. The aide thought he needed to poop. He kept it dry and went to the bathroom to pee when he needed to! Dry diaper is new. He hasn't worn a diaper that long in a while! Once today he yelled, "Potty!!!" as he ran to the bathroom, haha. He tends to wait until the very last second. Lucky for him that so far the bathroom has always been unoccupied during this moment of panic!

Judah's progress today was through the roof!!! Tonight he walked into his room and grabbed one of the starfish off of the wall. He held it up singing, "Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are.." When Sebastian was 1 or 2 he would belt that song out, once while riding in the kid car through the grocery store with Gramma & Papa, haha.

This morning I told Judah that it was time to eat breakfast. He was at the table playing with some trains. He said, "Playin po spress" (playing Polar Express). Wow! Not long after that, the usual morning chaos ensued. I said, "Good morning Judah" while everyone was running around and being loud. He was across the room and immediately turned around to look at me.. I couldn't hear what he said, but he replied something! He also repeated much of what the aides asked him to today. He enjoyed doing his signing cards so much that he brought them to the aide at one point because he wanted to do them again! Willow joined in with the signing & was learning to do signs almost with ease! Judah liked it when I tried as well, especially when I would sign "stop". He loves saying "stop" at stop signs.

I've had bad stomach pain on a daily basis lately. It makes me nervous because the appendix problem that landed me in the hospital for 4 days began with stomach pain as well. I'm paying attention to what I'm eating & trying to get some probiotic into my system too.

Willow's sentences were so awesome today. She knocked on Sebastian's door tonight, "It's me, Willow. It's just me, Willow." Judah says "Wiiii ohhh!!" pretty regularly now. And it's not just in panic mode anymore, he'll do it for other reasons too.

Sebastian has been doing 20+ minutes of reading every night at home & writing three sentences as Scott or myself say them word for word. We make them up. This is now his daily homework from school. His reading is really taking off!!!

Again, no poop for Judah.

Judah missed probiotic, iron up, had one miralax, no b-12 in shot, no beta, no powder b-6 needed, no skin rash med needed & nebulizer not done - pharmacy issues are putting that off for weeks!!!

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