Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sebastian's Grave

Sebastian & I spent time doing some Halloween deco in the front of the house. Hopefully I can get some pictures of that on here. He came up with an idea. I was busy hanging the spider & pumpkin deco when he asked me for the scissors. When I finished I walked into the garage to find him cutting out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a grave! He wanted his name on it & his shovel sticking out of the ground in front of it. This was a "Little Tikes" shovel, so perfect. He wrote the letters of his name on black squares I cut for him. Then I cut out his letters & we put them on the grave. Finished product below (soon).

Judah came in Willow's room to find me today. He waved and said, "Hi Mommy!!" He did lots of "Mommy Daddy" labeling today. He finally had a huge poop. It had been 2 days. Required bath immediately afterwards.

Scott did the store trip with Judah & Willow today. He said Judah destroyed about $100 worth of food. He told a good story.. I'll try to have him write it in here.

Judah had no b-12 in his shot or nebulizer treatment. No probiotic or b-6 powder, no iron-up.

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