Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cool Gramma Moment

 Hi Molly, ATA,

I wanted to write about Karate tonight. Sebastian was so proud! So was I.

We got there just in time and he politely greeted his Karate Masters at the door. Hello sir, Hello mam. Then he joined his group at about the time this very tall, big older man came up to me and introduced himself as the owner (headmaster) of the club. He was all decked out in his uniform, black belt and various levels of badges. He thanked me for attending and wanted to know which one was my grandson. Sebastian was waving at me and the master went over to greet him. They are so into politeness and respect. The class was large again tonight but they had four teachers. Three men and a talented young woman. All demonstrating various moves and helping with the class. I noticed that Sebastian is really following directions closely, and he's getting the hang of left versus right. They did some kicks and hand moves and he got them all right. The headmaster explained the moves and theory behind them very well and in such a way that the kids understood.

After the main instruction, they handed out stars for the performance sheets the kids bring for showing respect to family, doing chores, and acting like a leader. I filled out two for Sebastian before class and added them to the stack, based on his tutoring successes with me and his help with the yard decorating last week end. He wasn't expecting to have his name called and get two stars. He just beamed and dashed up to receive his treasures, bowing politely. He looked at me and grinned. Cool Gramma moment! Then the big surprise came when the master and other teachers announced that tonight was a special night for one of the members. Sebastian was being inducted into the ATA (American Taekwondo Association)! They presented him a lovely package with badges, and his bag with a DVD and spare uniform inside. Everyone clapped for him. (It's on his bed in case you're wondering. The stars he carefully stored in a drawer in his closet organizer.) He was so pleased!

It was a special evening, and I think this experience is going to be well worth the investment. I'm hoping Meemaw and Grand-dad might get to visit his lesson next Thursday.



PS When I brought Sebastian home, Willow greeted me at the door with a handful of books...four of them! "Hi Monka, want to read some books?" She talked to me a lot. Judah had just filled his diaper so Scott was kind of busy but Judah told me bye and talked a little from the bathtub. 

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