Thursday, October 16, 2014

Granddad & Meemaw Are Here!

Judah threw a fit about going to the park with the aide on this gorgeous practically summer's day because he was afraid he would miss Granddad & Meemaw. He was very aware that they were coming. He was saying, "Meemaw!" as the aide struggled to get him into the car. They stayed out for nearly 3 hours & Judah made a friend, who happens to be his age, lives on this side of town & was just diagnosed with autism. The aide said this kid has good verbal skills & poor social skills. Judah has the opposite going on. The aide and I are hopeful and excited that these boys can help each other out, as well as become friends. The aide got contact info. The boy's mom was interested in getting the boys together too.

Willow, Judah & I got to tour the Keizer fire station. We were in the huge garage with all of the fire trucks the entire time - a firewoman (??) gave us all tons of information & let the kids mess with the fireman in his full fireman gear. Judah wouldn't get too close to him, but was smiling & laughing. This guy had the big mask on his face & sounded like Darth Vadar when he talked. Willow was fearful of him & of going into the firetruck. Judah went in the firetruck twice. The first time he went from passenger side to driver side & right out the door as if he was going through a tunnel. The second time he decided to stop & check things out. He was very in awe of the fireman's hat sitting on the floor. He wouldnt' touch it though, he looked at it as if he had just spotted gold. Willow was scared through most of the "tour" and clinging to me. She did cheer up near the end & enjoyed the pink fire fighter hat she got. Judah got a blue one. They were both well behaved. Surrounded by fire trucks, lots of kids & parents and even an emergency medical call while we were there, Judah never had one meltdown & never ran away or ran around. He stayed with the group & sat with us all on the mat when the woman gave the long talk. He did loudly sputter out many sounds & words & got up twice to walk from one end of our group to the other, but that was it. He was so excited. The event was short & sweet. The kids had no issues leaving. On the way home they both gently looked through their bag of goodies the workers had given them. (I'm seriously not exaggerating about ANY of this!!) Before Sebastian got home I had put up the fire fighter hats & bags. I put myself in his shoes...that would be a pretty crappy feeling to find out you had missed a really cool event because of school & that your younger siblings went and had an awesome time. I was shocked that Willow wasn't bragging about it to him! Although she did tell Daddy before bed that she saw the firetrucks today.

Granddad & Meemaw went to Sebastian's karate. Sebastian got a certificate there for cleaning the living room today. He did a good job of cleaning! Afterwards, he went outside to rake leaves & pull weeds in the garden.

Willow has been walking around with the toy blood pressure cuff. "Mommy let me give you your check-up!" Then we would do the cuff & she would say, "Okay, you're fine." ha!

Judah missed nebulizer, molasses & fish oil. No skin rash med needed.

Did eye drop for the last time before his eye appointment on the 30th.

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