Thursday, October 23, 2014

Open House

We had an aide for half the day today. She took Judah to walk around the mall (a different one this time) and then met us at his school for open house. I can't even begin to describe how amazing he was there. The teacher decided to have the kids sit in "circle" & read the book Judah had been carrying around. It was a very interactive book. She even had a puppet that went with it - she did the story again using that and they all took off pieces of the monster just like it was told in the story. Judah was repeating & interacting so well. He was incredibly excited but was able to stay in his seat and definitely participated much more than any of the other kids there. Willow was able to join in on this as well - which is superb because she always wants to go to school!

It was great to see how J's classroom is setup. I'll be volunteering there soon so I can see how they use all of the visuals throughout the day. They had so many! The teacher showed me his folder that she uses to work on his IFSP goals & Star Program throughout the day. She is very organized, knowledgeable, passionate about her work & is able to turn into a bubbly little kid when she plays with the kids.. she's pretty amazing. Gramma & Papa also joined. Judah was so excited to have everyone there!

Sebastian had his well-child check-up today. He's 58 pounds & 51 inches! He has a couple of really tiny bumps surrounded by a small rash on his leg. Apparently kids just get these sometimes. ?? The doctor said that they are harmless and will go away when he gets older. I forget what he called them. We talked a bit about behavior at home. Scott wasn't able to come to the appointment, so I wasn't able to have this conversation without Sebastian in the room. But I'm so glad Sebastian was in the room.. he was able to take it all in and give it some serious thought. He was much more behaved tonight & we all made a really big effort to keep him focused & keep the environment peaceful. There was still some screaming and acting out, but it was dramatically less than usual. He even came out of his room at bedtime and apologized to Scott for everything he had done tonight that he shouldn't have. He apologized for each behavior separately & sincerely. I had not asked him to do this.

Bash lost a tooth tonight when he bit into a chicken nugget! I took a couple of pictures of the new smile. He is so calm about losing teeth now. "Huh, I lost a tooth.." and shows it to me in his hand. "Sebastian... you need to go wash your mouth out." as blood is dripping from his gums.

Judah missed fish oil, nebulizer, bethanechol, beta, DMG with folinic acid, iron-up, b-6 not needed, folinic acid in injection (it disappeared!!!) & molasses. He had two doses of Miralax and still hasn't pooped. He didn't poop yesterday either & doesn't seem uncomfortable. If it doesn't happen tomorrow we'll have to intervene, which I really don't want to put him through.

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