Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Pair of Green Pants With Nobody Inside Them!

The kids were with Gramma/Papa today. Judah had his usual music in Portland & speech therapy before he joined them. He was very physically active in both. Thankfully the new speech therapist followed his lead instead of forcing him to sit at a table. It sounds like they ended up doing speech in the gym, which we're totally okay with. He needs that sensory output, it makes him feel good & when you feel good & you are doing something you enjoy you are much more apt to learn.

Scott & I went to an ASD support group meeting. We were talking about epi-pens, turns out the 2 others who were at the meeting also carried epi-pens. One of the women had both of her daughters at the meeting - they were busying themselves with pen & paper & an I-Pad. This lady told a story about stepping on an underground beehive (had no idea those existed!!) at a yard sale. Apparently she is VERY allergic to bees. She had her girls with her at the yard sale. The point of her story was that the schools need to educate kids on epi-pens. Anyway, one of her daughters immediately recognized what was happening and told the woman at the yard sale that her mom was having an anaphylactic reaction & needed someone to use her epi-pen on her. She told the woman how to do it, the woman gave her the shot.. and saved her life. That little girl was sitting right next to me. That story gave me chills. That little girl deserves paid college tuition or something of that stature! She saved her mom's life. You only have 5 minutes to get the shot done before death creeps around the corner. She did some serious life-saving. She told us parts of the story as well.

I was able to go through the boys' clothes & pull out, store, re-organize, etc. to get them to a place where they could shut their drawers easily & even ended up with an empty drawer somehow! It became the new spot for Judah's shoes.

Judah was more progressive than yesterday. I'm curious if the folinic acid & the medicine we use with the nebulizer were big factors in his recent jump. We ran out of both on the same day. Once they were gone the sentences left as well. We're trying to get them ordered, but likely won't be until Monday. They both need to be kept refrigerated. We made the mistake of ordering one from his naturopath in Or. City. It arrived, but by the time we checked the mail it had warmed in the metal mailbox in the sunshine & was no longer usable. The cold pack was room temperature. Why was this not delivered to our door?!!? We didn't even get a refund. And that stuff isn't cheap. Don't even get me started. But anyway, my point was that it's crazy how much vitamins & supplements can do for your body - it's basically detoxification & filling in the missing vitamin gaps from what I've gathered. A chain of actions & reactions inside the body begins as well I'm sure..

Sebastian told an awesome bedtime story to me tonight. He turned off the lights. He & I laid on my bed & he turned the dream light on. He danced his fingers over the lights, making shadows across the ceiling. The ceiling was covered in lights in the form of little stars, slowly changing from one color to the next. His story was about a little boy being chased around by a pair of green pants, with nobody inside them. (his favorite Dr. Seuss story) In his story he said the boy ran 102 miles to get away from the pants! And then he ran one more! haha. He ran so far and got so tired that he needed a.... a drink!! It was a really good story, surprisingly good. He asked me to do one. Mine didn't compare to his, he agreed. I said, "Well, mine definitely wasn't as good as yours!" He said, "Yeah, I know. It's okay."

Judah didn't poop today & didn't have much of an appetite.

Meds Completed
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU one daily(morning)
  • bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day (took only 1)
  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid &Methyl b-12 3 capsules in morning
  • WP Minerals 1/day
  • Sleep factor
  • Creon (pancrilipase)
  • Oxy-Mag  Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1/day
  • Molasses 1 tsp in almond milk
  • Levocarnitin 10% 1 Tablespoon 15MLS every morning
  • DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech 2 MLS
  • his b-12/folinic shot 
  • Miralax
  • Probiotic 1 daily in morning

  • Meds not complete -
    There were in milks he didn't finish:
  • bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day
    Meds didn't take -

    • Powder B-6 1/2 tsp (fridge mix) every 3-5 days
    • skin rash med not needed
    • Fish Oil 
    • Beta TCP 1-4 daily
    • Organic coconut butter 1-3 tsp/day  - 1 tsp
    • Iron up 1 tsp/day
    Meds we don't have -
    • Glutathione (nebulizer med)

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