Thursday, August 28, 2014

Judah Blast Off! (and Wooden Bells)

Judah had a PHENOMENAL morning. Scott said, "Come on Judah!" after Judah climbed into our bed early this morning. Scott was taking him to the bathroom. Judah's response? "Coming Daddy!"

I just heard his aide say, "Judah, would you like to go outside?" His response, "Right now!"

This morning he said "Cars".. "I want Cars".. "Cars please" (all pretty common for him at this point). I turned on Cars and at the menu he told me, "Maaer and goooo". He wanted to watch Mater & the Ghostlight (an option on the menu). He has NEVER been able to tell me that before. He has never attempted to (that I have realized anyway). Usually he gets frustrated when I start Cars and he wants Mater.. and I do 20 other things before I try Mater & he is finally happy (and exhausted, but still very happy).

His aide took him to the park this morning. She had forgotten to get a pull-up on him. When I reminded her she decided to try the outing with him in underwear. They weren't home until 1 or 1:30. He had pottied in public and had no accidents that entire time! She said he was talking a LOT that entire time too. His progress that we had seen from the minute he woke up had held up through the afternoon. It's about 3:42 now... I'm so excited to see how the rest of the day goes!!!!

I'm off to my doctor follow-up appointment. I just wanted to write in here that Judah has basically been talking - speaking to the point of us being able to understand what he is saying probably 85% - 90% percent of the time, which is a huge leap!!!

I took a Spring Forest Qigong class this morning. I was the only person (besides the instructor) that showed. It was really nice, very enlightening & relaxing.

I sat for close to an hour in the waiting room at the doctor's office. They finally called me in. I chatted with the doctor for 5 minutes, thanked him for saving me.. he says, "Oh, it was my pleasure!". He said I can take baths now. The nurses had told me "Absolutely no baths!" as I left the hospital. The doctor told me today, "Oh you could have taken a bath the day you got home!" Do you know how difficult it is to shave your legs in the shower???! Damn nurses, but they did drain the disgusting tube sticking out of my stomach every day while I was there and always made sure I was feeling okay, so I will quickly forgive them. Man. He said no lifting for another 4 weeks. He asks patients to avoid lifting for at least 6 weeks after surgery.

I told the doctor about the sound that's been coming from my stomach ever since I had surgery. Every day I hear what sounds like wooden bells coming from my stomach. Wooden bells is really the best way to describe this sound. It sounds exactly like someone sliding a mallet up a row of wooden bells. This just started after my surgery. It happens throughout the day, every day. He told me, "Man, I forgot to bring my wooden bells today!" (so I could play for him what it sounded like, haha funny guy) Later he mentions that they sometimes catch other things going on while they are performing surgery.. like cancer, endometriosis, wooden bells (haha), etc. I asked him if they had seen anything  during my surgery that I should be concerned about. He replies, "Like?..." And I reply to him, "Like...". Apparently it was a long pause, because from the look on his face, I could see that he thought I was mustering up the courage to ask him if he had seen wooden bells in my stomach. He had that look of, "Seriously???" on his face. He reassures me that my insides looked just fine & tries to get me to see the positive side of having a melodic tummy.. saying, "Maybe you could sell tickets to your belly orchestra! Or maybe you could showcase your melodic stomach sounds on tv!" I'm sure I just gave him a great story to share with his colleagues after work. You're welcome doc.

Did Judah's eye drop this morning. Did Sebastian's eye drop this morning. Grandma did the second one.. he'll get one more from her & one more from us today. Daddy did the last one.

The rest of the day for Judah was just like the morning. While Molly was at the Dr. we played outside with the aide. Many two and three word sentences. "Daddy chase me". "Daddy help me". He continued to follow directions inside as well as communicate to me what he needed. "Judah angry birds Go" (a game on my phone), Later he got the dvd from the player and brought it to me and said. "Watch Cars Please". I continued to have him in underwear and he didn't have any accidents either.

Judah had one large poop.
Meds Judah did not have: oxymag, molasses, beta, coconut butter, 2nd bethanecol, powder b-6, fish oil, nebulizer treatment.

Dr. Green rescheduled appt. to Sept 16 at 1:30.

Judah did not have his shot.
Judah had 1 dose of Miralax.


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