Sunday, August 31, 2014

Peeing Standing Up!

We had an aide here all day today. She took Judah to Riverfront park & texted me pictures of him smiling right at the camera! Holy bizarro Batman! He runs from cameras. If I tilt my phone a bit, where there may be the slightest inkling of possibility that he is about to get his picture taken, he turns around & walks away. And our aide is sending me pictures of him smiling at the camera, close-ups even?! Immediately upon seeing them, I sent them to everyone in the family! She thought that was pretty funny. He also allowed her to hang out in the bathroom while he bathed on Friday, and it was a really long bath! He never lets me do that. He points at the door and says, "That way!!" if I try to come in. If I don't leave right away he will say something more polite like, "Go please." in his sweet little voice. He must really like this lady!!

She told him to make this face. :)
Riding in the wagon on the carousel.

Oh! She said he went to the potty like a "big boy" in the park bathroom. He peed standing up! She didn't ask him to, he just did it! I just mentioned this to Scott & he said, "I just showed him that yesterday!" Apparently Judah had walked in on Scott in the bathroom. Judah had a confused look on his face when he saw his Daddy standing in front of the potty. So Scott explained to him that he could go potty standing up if he wanted to. Obviously Judah had listened, understood & tried it out the next day! And in a public bathroom (scary, not the comfort of home) with an aide (not family & she's only worked with him a few times)! That's pretty huge. INCREDIBLY HUGE. Go Judah!!!
Sebastian & I spent hours at Orchard Heights park today. It's really close to us. There are lots of trails. He biked while I followed. We found numerous fruit-bearing trees. He picked a small apple & a plum to take home. They are on the kitchen windowsill now, where he hopes they will ripen. He found a large, healthy looking leaf to take home for his "experiment box" too.

Willow & I made up a song tonight - I'll try to get that posted soon.

Willow went to the store with Daddy. While they were shopping, Daddy set down his Frappuccino (a highly sugared down large cup of caffeine) as he was talking to a deli worker. When he turned back around, Willow had downed his entire drink & was hanging off the grocery cart with her head upside-down yelling "Look at me Daddy!! Daddy! Look at me!!!" Pics below.

The rest of this entry will be through pictures. We took a lot at the park today. Sebastian, who is SEVEN, took the picture of me.



Judah had a large, mushy, messy poop.
Judah missed these meds - fish oil, beta, skin rash ointment (not needed), iron-up, folinic acid in shot, didn't do eyedrops (not needed), powder b-6, miralax, molasses, oxy-mag.

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