Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Smell of Bacon

Sebastian & I spent time perusing the dollar store this morning. He was well behaved.. earned a star on his rocket to the moon "star chart". Judah has the same chart. His is used for potty training. He went to the potty completely on his own today. I walked by the bathroom & saw him in there, just taking care of his business. He also gave me a diaper later when he needed to poop & chose a diaper over underwear after that. His "I want" sentences have been great today! I've heard "I want Rice Chex. I want Caillou please. Angry Birds, okay, Angry Birds! (the okay is him pretending to be me agreeing with him, lol)" I challenged him with a tough one.. 5 words.. "I want Angry Birds please." He did it on the first try. SocialSibs eat your heart out. ;)

Pretty much usual Sunday routine.. although we were completely out of milk so Scott couldn't make French toast this morning. He did make it for dinner though! The kids were fast asleep in bed. I'm surprised the smell of bacon & sausage didn't send them walking in with their little noses in the air.. following the aroma of American carnivore breakfast.. I go between that & memories of Granddad when I smell bacon frying.. 2 totally different things. Scott's plate was definitely fit for a carnivore lush this evening. ;) He doesn't read my blog...

Kids got to go to the park with Daddy. Bash stayed home from the grocery shopping. We went down the street to see if his friends could play. They weren't home. He was kind of tagging along beside me most of the day, he didn't even want to stay outside when I told him I was going in. Usually he LIVES outside. While we were shopping he kept hanging onto my purse. I asked him to let go of my purse a couple of times. He finally responded with, "Well, I just don't want to lose you." So sweet.

Scott made it in the grocery store. A fist fight between Willow & Judah ensued over Rice Chex. Judah had a huge meltdown.. to the point of banging his head on the cement.. no injury thank god. Scott had to leave, got no shopping done. He brought them home & went to Safeway for the absolute necessities. Milk for French toast late night dinner, yes please.

We did Judah's shot.
He had one big poop.
I'm not sure on the meds.. Scott did most of them today.

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