Saturday, August 30, 2014

Frozen At The Park

Joan Rivers is on life-support.. or at least that's what the headlines say.

Tonight we went to "Free Family Friday" at Riverfront park. They were playing Frozen, the current kid movie craze via Disney. Personally I think kids just needed a Disney movie to be in love with, it's been a while. It was time. That's my theory anyway. I saw Frozen in the theater with Sebastian (Pa Rock was here to babysit). That was the first time Sebastian & I had ever been to a movie together. Scott has taken him to all of his movies in the past. I remember walking out of the theater thinking that what we had just watched was Disney's best attempt at throwing together a movie with enough kid humor & fun characters for kids to latch onto. It was different, that was good, but not really all that interesting. It had an ice queen and a talking snowman (infatuated with the idea of heat but didn't understand that it would melt him) & singing, love expert trolls. But I just didn't think it awesome.. nowhere near Cars awesome, but maybe more along the lines of Pocahantes awesome?

It was a really fun experience watching Frozen on a huge theater screen at the park. Judah was beyond ecstatic. I was worried he would be overstimulated - which he was a bit, but never out of control. Willow, however, had to sit 12 feet away from us throughout most of the movie. She refused to relax with us on the Valentine's day themed plastic picnic table cover. It's smothered in hearts - but it's vinyl so you can wipe away spills.. where as the blanket your grandma made by hand is really the worst thing in the world to lay on the grass when you are relaxing with your kids, on the ground, eating.. after they have just played in the dirt & wet grass. I feel sort of genius when I hang out with my kids at the park on our vinyl blanket of hearts. I'm sure it makes me look lazy, tasteless, colorblind & unaware that it isn't February... but at least my grandma blankets are clean and thus so is my conscious.

Judah & Willow got a bit crazy at the movie - Judah began log rolling down the small hill we were sitting on, crashing into a couple of people along the way. Willow did whatever she could that she knew she wasn't supposed to do. When she ran out of ideas, she just started doing things solely to gain our attention. Once we were settled in our spot, she immediately wanted to go play on the playground. Not long after that she was on hands & knees barking (she does this a lot - I call her "Willowdog"). She was completely cool about it, going up to people on the lawn and barking.. then casually moving along on her hands & knees. My family is not weird. We are just blazing with creativity. So what if my daughter thinks she's a dog...

During the start of the movie I was nervous that we were going to have to take either Willow or Judah home because they were both sort of all over the place & Judah was energized to no end. This was an unbelievably exciting event for him. He LOVES the Frozen soundtrack & watches the movie at Gramma's. The happy run he does (where his legs dance around as he runs), was the happiest I had ever seen it as we headed to find a spot on the grass & he slowly began to realize what was about to happen. Bringing two cars ended up being completely unnecessary- we made it through the entire movie, all 5 of us, and had a really good time.

The coolest part about the movie was watching the 3 girls that sang along with, "Let it Go". Little girl voices singing is always cute, but these girls even sang well! Not only did they sing, but they acted out the movie - doing all the same moves that the main character was doing right on cue, absolutely loving it- as if they were on stage. That was definitely the coolest part of the movie. Everyone within view of these 3 little girls applauded them after the song! Watching Frozen 500 times at home finally paid off for them.

Scott drove for an hour to get to a compound pharmacy in Wilsonville this morning. They had filled one of Judah's prescriptions that we have been waiting on for some time. They are the closest pharmacy that can fill it. They left a message yesterday morning, letting us know it was ready. I didn't hear the message until after they had closed. I immediately called & left a message, pleading for them to make an exception for us, saying that if there was any way we could get it before their next working day (Tuesday), that it would be so helpful.. that he really needed the medication, etc. And it worked! She called this morning (the day after I left the message) and said she would be there for a couple of hours & would let us in to get the med. Some people are just awesome. Score one for humanity.

I took Judah to speech. I talked with his speech therapist about writing a letter to disability recommending a crash pad for Judah to help him progress. She wasn't sure if she could do that since she isn't O.T. If not, I will ask his school O.T. I talked with Judah's speech therapist for quite a while. She mentioned that she was signing colors to him & also that she could tell that he recognizes the color green (which I have suspected for some time). I told her about our sign language routine, our signing staff and our signing supply of videos, flashcards & books. She was pretty excited about that. She told me about a website that she sometimes uses with Judah. She said that the more modes of communication we can give him the better. It gives him even more understanding of language; what it means, what it looks like, how it feels, how to put sentences & phrases together, etc. It also gives him more opportunities to communicate - and more opportunities to see & know how powerful communication is. She's got some super awesome speech therapy knowledge - worlds beyond what his previous therapists have had.

The app she recommended is called, "My First AAC". It's an Apple app, of course. I'm so incredibly thankful that we have some Apple around here now!!

Judah had one gigantic poop today.

Meds Judah missed - fish oil, nebulizer, Beta, folinic acid (shot), ironUP, no powder b-6, got one Miralax.

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