Sunday, August 3, 2014

Waiting On The Rupture!

I haven't been on here in a few days. Thursday I had stomach pain that gradually got worse throughout the day. It was a combination of constant stomach pain & bleeding from both ends. I figured I had an ulcer. Thankfully I was wrong. The next day I went to see the doctor. She checked me out pretty thoroughly & then she looked at me, pointed to my front side & said, "Okay this is your period. This is a hemorrhoid (pointing to my backside). And this, pointing to my stomach, is likely a cyst on your ovary that is getting ready to rupture. She called it "the perfect storm".

When I went to the doctor, I laid down in the biggest chair I could find! When they called me back the MA did my stats, I crawled up onto their table and laid there for nearly all of the appointment. I may go back for an ultrasound tomorrow. It's not as bad as it was, but definitely not gone either. I asked her if the cyst rupturing would hurt. She looked at me dead serious, "Yes." Good gawd! THIS hurts I can't even imagine something even more painful going off in my stomach, makes me very nervous to think about!!

So yeah, I basically stayed in bed Thursday night - Sunday late afternoon. It was a challenge to walk. It was a challenge to pick up my phone & text. I was stuck in a bed and miserable.

I can't really tell you what's been going on with the kiddos. If Scott, Dave, or Mom are able to write something I will post it here.

Mom & Dave were out of town this weekend, doing this!

This weekend my mom traveled to Sequim, WA. This is the place that inspired her to write her book. Her inspiration came directly from an old schoolhouse there. The schoolhouse was torn down after she wrote her book. We don't know why. She did some book signings while she was in town. At some point, they ran out of copies to sell! They would have kept selling if they had more on hand, bummer! They run out on Amazon sometimes too. During her 2 book signings there, she read 40 pages of her book to the 20-25 people there to listen. She answered questions afterwards. So proud of her!! See More

 Judah had a big poop today.

Meds Completed
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU one daily(morning)

  • bethanechol 25 mg 1/2 tablet 2/day
  • DMG 125 mg w/Folinic Acid &Methyl b-12 3 capsules in morning
  • WP Minerals 1/day
  • Sleep factor
  • Creon (pancrilipase)
  • his b-12/folinic shot 
  • Beta TCP 1-4 daily
  • Organic coconut butter 1-3 tsp/day  - 1 tsp

  • Meds not complete -
    There were in milks he didn't finish:
  • Oxy-Mag Powder 1/2 teaspoon 1/day
  • Molasses 1 tsp in almond milk
  • Levocarnitin 10% 1 Tablespoon 15MLS every morning
  • DOCU 150/15ML Liq Hi-Tech 2 MLS

  • Meds didn't take -
    • Powder B-6 1/2 tsp (fridge mix) every 3-5 days
    • skin rash med not needed
    • Miralax
    • Fish Oil 
    • Iron up 1 tsp/day
    • Probiotic 1 daily in morning
    Meds we don't have -

    • None. Will need folinic acid soon.

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