Thursday, August 14, 2014

Send Us Wonderful, POSITIVE Vibes for Tomorrow!

I spent the first part of the day rolling around in bed with a migraine.. in case anybody was wondering how I spent the first part of the day. How did you spend the first part of the day?

My doctor called - the guy who did my surgery. I had called in yesterday & talked with the on-call doctor when I realized that I was bleeding (spotting).  The on-call doctor was very heart-felt with his guidance- I told him my concerns & he  said, "Yeah, that would be stress." Helpful.

My doc told me this morning that there was an actual reason for the spotting. The gynecologist had put an instrument called a uterine manipulator on my uterus. I think pictures would be the only way to make this blog more graphic & weird. Sorry. When he says that he put an instrument on my uterus obviously I'm thinking that this means I now have an instrument on my uterus. Not like a tiny saxophone or anything, but some kind of medical device, that I was completely unaware of at the time, & it was put inside of me and not mentioned until I was safely out of the hospital. I should probably look into this one.

My infection was directly behind my uterus. The "manipulator" was likely something that acted to get the uterus out of the way so the doctor could get the 2 1/2 hours of cleaning out my insides started. That's my guess.

He said spotting could happen for the first 3 or 4 weeks. Can you imagine if he hadn't called & I'm bleeding for a freaking month... between a manipulator & growing stress my blood loss could have put me back in the damn hospital!

Judah progress wasn't much if anything from what I saw today. I didn't spend enough time with him today (thank you migraine). I assumed he was unhappy with me about that. He didn't seem to want to have much to do with me. Meemaw said his speech was less today. I blamed myself. Then Scott reminded me tonight, struggling to keep his eyes open at 10pm, that he & Judah didn't sleep last night. Ahhhh... that could be something..

I'm hopeful for tomorrow. Tomorrow we go to Portland for the SocialSibs interview. Judah will do the first testing on his own. If this goes well they will pull Sebastian in for the sibling part of the interview. This is basically a screening for the last spot available in this research project. Last year we didn't even qualify to interview. Next year I believe the project will not fall into the boys' age groups. Here's a link to describe the project. (Look at the SocialSibs portion.)

Susan, Judah's helper, and all of the kids are going tomorrow. We're packin' 'em in like sardines! Hopefully there's room for the Gramma snack bags! Those are the key ingredient to traveling with children, and they even work well with NO CHILDREN in the car!! ;) Everybody has to go in order to have kid coverage at all times, no way around it.

Last night I'm laying in bed with Willow & she looked down my shirt. Then she introduced herself to my breasts! Each one of them! (thought I'd throw this story in here for her future enjoyment) She said very politely to each one, "I'm Willow.." putting her hand on her chest.

Meemaw said the helper fill-in went above & beyond today, going as far as to change Willow's diaper! Meemaw said she did other things that were not her job, but that were very helpful. She said Sebastian was super good. Made me feel better since I was non-existent half the day. I let the helper know how incredible the helpers have all been & how Judah has changed unbelievably with each day. She said that made her feel so good. I hope she spreads that on to her supervisor, she should know how awesome her staff is.

Judah had all meds except fish oil nebulizer (out), folinic acid in injection (out for past 2 nights), Beta, skin rash med (not needed), B-6 (not needed), Oxy-mag, molasses, 2nd dose of Docusate, no miralax, last 1/2 pill of bethanechol, iron up, eye drops (not needed - already done twice this week) and vitamin D3.

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