Monday, September 1, 2014


As embarrassing as it is, we haven't made it to the beach all summer long. Sebastian starts school in 2 days. Who cares if it's Labor Day, the busiest beach day there is all year long, screw the traffic - we're going to the beach!! (Actually the traffic wasn't bad at all, pretty good actually & the beach wasn't even crowded!)

More poor parenting.. We've worked on reading and Spanish with Sebastian at a very minimal amount all summer long. Judah, however, has had good chunks of education thrown at him this summer, mostly due to his aides. Ugh, we suck.

So i packed a bag full of work - Spanish, reading and even some math, for the car ride to and from the beach. Sebastian was so thrilled to have someone in the backseat with him! That is, until he saw the bag of work unveiling in front of him. He did half of a small activity book - even fractions! We also worked on naming rectangular objects in Spanish & using those items in a sentence.

First stop - McDonald's. It's the first one you see when you drive into Lincoln City from our direction. Willow & Sebastian played on the play area. Judah watched, laughing & screaming. A boy approached Sebastian at the table. He wanted to see the football players that were in Sebastian's "Happy Meal". He just walked up & started talking to Sebastian as if they were brothers. Judah took a moment to lean over the table & scream in the kids face for 3 seconds straight. The kid stopped talking, looked curiously at Judah, then looked back at Sebastian, going right back into his chatter about how his Mom liked the Oregon Ducks & why they were the best team. Sebastian had no idea what he was talking about. He asked me about the Ducks after the kid walked away. Unfortunately, I hold absolutely no knowledge on the Oregon Ducks - well besides the team colors... and that they're in Oregon (I assume).

It was a beautiful day at the beach. We were there for 3-4 hours. It was warm the entire time. Swimsuit weather, I'm not lying. Willow spent a really long time scooping up small amounts of sand and throwing it almost into the ocean, missing by about 2 feet every time. She was using a piece of trash - a cup she had just caught floating by her, being carried by the breeze. The boys ran into the water. Sebastian would run out pretty far. When I yelled for him to come back he would say, "But it's the ocean!!!" When I told him to stop running fast into the water (Judah would chase him).. his response again, "But it's the ocean!!!!" Absolutely, he was absolutely right.

When we left we had planned on changing the kids in the bathrooms nearby. Unfortunately they were all locked up. We changed them by the van instead. Sebastian wasn't too keen on this public exposure. Scott & I held up towels, as if he was in a towel-walled dressing room. After we had reached the beach we had realized that the diaper bag was in the other car. It's always in the van - but Scott happened to have Willow in the car the other day & I had given him the diaper bag. We had no extra swim diapers either. We stopped at McDonald's (same one - Judah & Willow were both saying "Stop & play??" Sorry guys.). We had all of the kids use the potty, hoping that Willow would make it pee-free on the car ride home (which she did). I wasn't worried about Judah, I knew he could do it. Scott said Judah walked right up to the potty & peed standing up, as if that's what he has always done. At home he pees sitting down - we are convinced he is smart enough to realize that public toilets are not super clean, thus he stands. Smart guy. This was the first time Scott had ever seen him pee standing up. Maria said when they were out that he actually did look at the toilet as if he was thinking for a moment, before he peed standing up. That was his first time doing that in public.

Got home, everyone bathed, sand is still coming off of them though (I just went to see Willow in bed, I was shocked at how much sand I was sweeping off of her mattress!

Sebastian has been having an unbelievably difficult time following directions & listening. On the way back he told me that he had a good time at the beach (I didn't even ask). He told me later that he was even enjoying the drive home - while we were going through much forested area. He said, "I never thought I would like this kind of drive, but I do right now. I don't know why." When I talked to him about his behavior he told me in a very genuine sounding way, "I was trying my hardest to be good." I'm really concerned about him - there are some things that I thought he would grow out of that are still there. There are some things he doesn't seem to understand - but yet he understands much more difficult things just fine. I'm not quite sure what to make of it all. I love his creativity. He's definitely an all-star there!! Today I told him, "Bash, come here!" He says to me, "I'll be there in 2 shakes of a soda!!" (which is pretty funny because it's cute & because a soda explosion sort of describes him & because he has always wanted to shake a soda to see it explode.)


Judah had no bm's.

Judah didn't have Beta, coconut butter, 2nd bethanecol, powder b-6, Iron-up, probiotic, fish oil & skin rash med (not really needed - small bumps on tummy).

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