Sunday, September 14, 2014

Driving In Smoke

Today Judah & I drove.. and drove.. and drove!! This started at 7:45am - drove to gymnastics in Beaverton. He did well in his small group (3 other kids, all age 3). He followed them some and ran away some. The 2 ladies that work there (aba therapists) had the same thought I did - that after a couple of weeks he'll probably fall right in line. Man, did he enjoy it!!! A 50 minute session wasn't even long enough! ha!

I talked with one mom at the gymnastics place when we arrived. Her son was about Sebastian's age. We were watching him do his gymnastics session. They have typical kids as well as kids on the spectrum learning gymnastics there. The mom I was talking to didn't tell me that her son had autism. And I didn't mention Judah's diagnosis. We fell easily into conversation about therapies & behaviors, because we both knew. It's not everyday that you just run into someone who "gets it". It's something that will be a huge part of us both for the rest of our lives, but it's not something that I typically find myself just naturally chatting with friends about, let alone total strangers. But this stranger happened to live in the world of autism too, so we weren't really strangers after all.

We'll go back on Sunday for the 9:15 session again. We are going to try it for a month & see how it goes.

Judah & I did a quick stroll through the "as is" section at Ikea after gymnastics. I spotted a huge orange rug covered in big white polka dots. It was so cute, but there was no point in looking at the price, those rugs always cost a fortune. $15?!? Looks like Willow will have some new floor deco in her room very soon!!

Judah is saying, "I don't know" very clearly now. I asked him if he was okay when he tripped today and he said, "yeah". That's very new. "No" has been around for quite a long time, but "yup" and "yeah" are just coming about. Thank gawd, haha.

Judah continues to grow closer to his baby sister. The other day the aide, Willow, Judah & I all went to the library. Willow pooped in her diaper while we were all playing in the room the library has set up for kids. Judah dragged me over to Willow in a panic. He pointed at her (she was on all fours on the floor - her pooping position), he touched her bottom, then tried to pull her to standing. He was so worried - there was no way we weren't going to stay without changing her diaper first. So we all walked to the car (because he panicked when we attempted to separate) and got a diaper.

Scott just texted me a picture of Willow & Judah holding hands in the parking lot. I'm sure Judah initiated that. He's very protective of her & always very concerned about where she is and making sure she doesn't get too far behind. He will call her name & yell at us, "Wait!! Wait!!" while stretching his arm & hand out in Willow's direction as if he is pulling her in, haha. He's a great brother.

Apparently there are some wildlife fires burning like crazy. The entire drive to Portland and back home was through a huge layer of smoke! And it smelled like cigar! Apparently the smoke is floating across large parts of Oregon and Washington. When we arrived home from Portland, Scott & the kids came outside to greet us. Sebastian said, "Is something on fire??!" and I said to Scott, "Do you think that's the van??", waving my hand through the air. Scott looked at me then down the street.. "All of THIS is the van???!" hahahaaa

Sebastian & I had our Sunday mother/son time indoors due to the smoke. It makes my eyes hurt & who knows what inhaling it is doing to us. We watched the Adventures of Tin Tin while Daddy, W & J did the grocery shopping.

Earlier Willow bent over, laying belly down on the couch with her legs hanging off the edge. While kicking her legs in the air, she says.. "Look! Look! I'm a mermaid!!" haha. She has said so many interesting things today that I wouldn't have expected her to be saying - How does she know about mermaids??!

Judah had no bms that I know of.

Judah missed molasses, oxy-mag, fish oil, didn't do eye drop (only twice a week), iron up, powder b-6 (only do every 3-5 days), sleep med.

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