Thursday, September 11, 2014

Learning to Fly

"Yeah.. but everyone else calls her Molly, so I can too!" he proclaimed. "You know, there are only 3 people in the world that get to call her Mom. Do you know who those people are?"... little boy answers, "Gramma?" She tells him, "You, Willow & Judah. Everyone calls her Molly, but only you, & your brother & sister can call her Mom. And you will get to do that for the rest of your life! It's a really special thing."

Judah's aide seemed to be getting a little irritated with the fact that Sebastian calls me "Molly" all the time. He does this with all grown-ups in the family now. She asked him to come over & talk to her when we were playing outside today. When I got the jest of where she was going with this impromptu conversation with my son I was a bit concerned. How in the world was it appropriate for her to be telling my son what he should be calling me? What does that have to do with Judah?? She's a really awesome person & she's always good about not crossing lines. This conversation really took me by surprise, to say the least. Anyway, what I heard her tell him was something that will probably stay with me forever. I looked over to see Sebastian sitting on the picnic bench, not looking at her but instead looking straight ahead with his serious thinking face on. And apparently she convinced him to see things differently because not long after that, when he was yelling at Gramma to find the hose nozzle, he kept saying, "Mommy said it's on the porch!! That's what Mommy said!!!" And suddenly he was calling me "Mommy", yelling it from the front yard to the back yard, loud enough for all the neighborhood to hear.. haha.

Judah, Willow, myself & the aide went to the library today so J & W could have some sibling time. This was the aide's idea. She had a couple of ideas, both sounded very thought-out and positive in terms of helping Judah progress with his challenges and with relationships at the same time. Judah & Willow talked on the library payphones. These payphones are for kids to play on. One kid talks on one payphone while the other kid talks on one across the room.. and it works. No money involved. ;)

So Willow says, "Hi Judah" on her payphone and Judah responds (after he has been eagerly watching her, waiting for her to talk), "Hi Wiiiow". He answered other questions that Willow & I both asked him from our payphone. He repeated Gramma when she read a numbers book tonight. He wants to learn, badly. He knows some numbers & colors - that's become apparent recently. That's one area where he has surpassed baby sister. There could be more areas where he is more advanced than her.. but that's one that we can actually see for ourselves. When he was diagnosed they told us that he was at the level of a 9month old in one area - and the levels they said he was at for the other areas didn't go much higher. That was one year ago, he was 3. Willow is currently 2 years old.

J's aide got him out on his tricycle today. He pedaled some, she said it wasn't very much, but he did it! I've never seen him do that before. That's huge! Pedaling is actually a movement that is somehow associated with the diagnosis - it's not easy for autistic children to learn to do this. I don't mean to compare him to his sister on everything - but she isn't pedaling yet.

Sebastian came out of school in a positive mood, telling me a rhyme he had made up with Emma (another kid in class). He told me that he didn't "fail" today as we looked through all of his work that he brought home. He had re-done one of the assignments that he had been upset over not being able to understand & finish yesterday. I've made a folder for him to keep all of his schoolwork in. He helped me put his work in there after we had looked through it all. The folder also holds a copy of the monthly lunch menu. He has decided that if he doesn't like what they are going to serve that day he will bring his own lunch. He brought his lunch for the first time today - 2 apple juices, pb & j, mandarin oranges, tortilla chips & a banana. He drank an apple juice and ate most of the sandwich while at lunch. Then he came home & ate more from his lunch. I'm wondering if he is feeling rushed for time at lunch. He's mentioned that before. Rushed to get lunch eaten, rushed to get work done.. that's our world though.. we get accustomed to flying & eventually walking becomes a faded memory. I remember my dad talking about that once. He explained it in a very simple, genuine way. He said, "People used to sit out on the porch and 'visit'."

Yesterday when I took Judah to school, we arrived at the same time as one of his classmates. That kid was being taken to school by his grandfather. We have to walk down a tall staircase to get to the side entrance that Judah has to go in (closest entrance to his classroom). Willow, Judah, myself, the other kid & his grandfather all arrive at the top of the stairs at the same time. The teacher & aides walk out almost exactly at the same time we arrive at the top of the stairs. Before we begin our journey downward Willow screams, "Hi!!!" and the teacher & aides all scream back, "Hi!!!" while waving at us. Then Judah yells, "Yahhh!!!!!" as he throws his fist in the air. The teacher & aides yell back, "Yahhh!!!" from below & throw their arms in the air. Then we walked down the stairs for what felt like 20 minutes to reach them, hahaha. It was so weird!!!

Willow has been the sweetest thing lately. Always, "thank you" and "that's okay" and "you're welcome"... etc. She has hardly gotten mad at all the past couple of days, and the few times she has it hasn't lasted longer than 60 seconds. Typically she hits a certain point in the day where she gets angry over EVERYTHING.. every 2 seconds she has something new to be angry about and the anger shoots straight in my direction every single time. She is angelic now. I wonder if it's because we get so much mother/daughter time now - since Judah either has school or is with his aide and Sebastian is in school all day. We went "shopping" both days while Judah was in school this week. This was just going to a resale shop to find the clothes I had on consignment there - it took me 2 days & I still didn't find it all! But she was full-on shopping, with a toy cart full of cute shoes & fun toys, and even making friends with the other little kids there. To her this was a really cool play date - 2 days in a row!! haha

Tonight Willow was building "rocket ships" with mega-blocks. We flew them to the moon. When she accidentally crashed them she wouldn't get mad at all.. she would just make another one & bring it to Daddy or myself, very proud of what she had made. It's kind of bizarre the level of sweetness & positivity this little girl has been filled with lately. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Judah had awesome progress today, very eager to communicate & did so well with it! He understood when I told him we couldn't get the scary music cd out of the car. I told him it was too scary. Instead of an almost guaranteed meltdown, he just walked away from the door, went to the living room & picked a different cd to play!

Judah had large bm first thing this morning.

Judah missed oxy-mag, fish oil, coconut butter & powder b-6.
Aide gave him rash med.


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