Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sebastian's Open House - Entering 1st Grade

Papa watched Willow & Judah tonight, while Gramma, Scott, Sebastian & I attended Sebastian's open house at school.
These are some observations that Papa noted about Judah:
He stayed outside the garden while I weeded. I talked with him, and he just watched and chatted. Willow was playing in the water table.

I pushed them both on the swings quite awhile and he made almost continuous eye contact with me, laughed a lot.

He got the binoculars out and Willow wanted them. I let him play with them for awhile and then looked at him asked if he would share with Willow. He handed them to her and let her keep them, having her look at him through them.

He seemed very happy, sat on the couch with me and was very affectionate. Could share about Willow, but it was Judah's behavior that seemed different to me.
Sebastian's 1st grade teacher is new to the school. There are a lot of new teachers, as his school has expanded to incorporate English speaking classrooms into the mix this year. There are 2 dual language 1st grade classrooms (prob 30 students each, at least) & 2 English 1st grade classrooms. His Kinder class was a little over 30 kids. He was in the morning class. The afternoon class would have had close to the same amount. And now all of these kids will be combined into one FULL day of school, creating 2 classes instead of just one. We looked at the name tags lined up on the front desks in Sebastian's new classroom. Sebastian has at least a few of his good friends in his class. Scott, Gramma & I scoped out Sebastian's new classroom, inch by inch, while Sebastian was extremely eager to "go explore" the other classrooms. We all played some of the school instruments in the music room & talked with the teacher for a while (same guy he had last year). Sebastian really enjoys that teacher. The new music teacher that will teach the older kids just moved here from Kansas City, KS. It was literally the first day he had ever even been in the building! We mentioned that we had family there - Mom filled him in on Uncle Tim - he kept saying, "Whattt??!?!" every time she told him another fun fact about Uncle Tim.
We ran into a couple of friends while we were there. They have a kid going into 3rd and another going into Kinder. They let us know that homework starts in 2nd and that the English starts at 3rd grade - spoken 50% of the class time, Spanish the other 50%.
Judah played in the water table with his aide today. Sebastian was attached to them & their activities  more than usual today for some reason. Fortunately the aide was speaking up some to let him know she was there for Judah. Sometimes it just makes more of an impact coming from someone other than Mom. He was sad that he wasn't getting to play with them, genuinely sad. We couldn't do the sprinkler because it was so late in the day (something else he really wanted to do) - we had to get ready to leave soon. Willow, Sebastian & I did end up playing with Judah & his aide some though. The aide also made it clear to Willow that it was Mommy's job to push her on the swing, not hers. After hearing this multiple times, it finally sank in. Again, more of an impact & Willow allowed me to push her with no complaints (usually she refuses me & begs one of the aides to push her). I was thankful that the aide was making these things crystal clear to the kids, but it's got to be so hard for Sebastian & Willow to hear that stuff. They have done unbelievably well with this huge change in routine. They don't question why Judah gets an aide. They don't understand what this change is all about because they are so young, but they allow it & don't complain or become upset. Today was the first time I've seen Sebastian genuinely sad over some of this change. Seriously I don't know how these kids are doing so well with this, they are pretty damn amazing. And it will only get easier. Plus, Sebastian will be in school soon so he won't be struggling to stay on his side of the line nearly as much - and he will have lots of new paths & opportunities in front of him! I'm hoping to get Willow out more when he's at school.
The aide didn't come until 1pm today. Judah was expecting her earlier (that's when she always comes). Her shift just started later today. Judah totally perked up when she got here. She brought a positive gush of wind into the house. This attracted Sebastian a lot - because they were having lots of FUN! He did play with them some when she got here, but it also created some difficulty in her working with Judah
We got Direct TV today.
Judah dropped Scott's phone last night - broken. How many broken phones can we have in such a short period of time?!?!? We need an Otterbox for everything electronic here. I have one on my current phone. So far it's been pretty indestructible. I've only managed to create one small crack in the plastic, on the corner of the phone.
Judah was showing progress when Gramma & Papa were here, pulling Gramma to be next to Papa and then telling them, "bye" because he knew it was time for them to go. He told them "bye" a bunch of times, finally he just said, "Bye bye!!" haha. I caught a "love you" after that.
I basically taught Sebastian how to wash his hair tonight. Apparently he doesn't even let the lady who cuts his hair do this. His doc always tells us that kids don't really need to use soap in their hair until they get closer to puberty - hormones changing, etc. But I'd like to get him comfortable with it. He told me tonight that the black shower curtain makes the shower dark & it scares him. That was his reason for not wanting to shower. Instead he wanted to run the shower to create his bath (as usual). I had no idea the curtain was making the shower dark & scaring him! We took it down right away. I don't know why he keeps things like this to himself sometimes.. and then other problems & issues he boldly announces to us with absolutely no hesitation. ?!
Judah had a large bm.
Judah missed Beta, folinic acid in b-12, skin rash med not needed, eye drops will do soon, WP Minerals, Iron Up, had one miralax?, only doing one docusate sodium now, no powder b-6.

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