Saturday, September 27, 2014

Numbers On the Microwave

Judah pulled Sebastian & I to the couch. He sat between us as we all watched Cars. Sebastian tried to get up. Judah yelled, "Wait!" Then he pointed at the couch, "couch!", and physically maneuvered Sebastian back to the couch.

While we were on the couch Judah was chattering away - he even talked to the dog. "Pixie", patting her. "Bye Pixie, that way." He wanted her to go away, haha.

Judah & Willow ran in a circle in the living room tonight. Willow was chasing Judah, trying to get the Cars book light from him. They were just playing. They would get dizzy and have to stop and then they would start back up again, laughing & smiling the whole time. At one point Willow ran into Judah and Judah yelled, "Hey! Watch it!!'

Judah is still answering, "I don't know." very clearly. Today he had many "no" comments that were very genuine with good eye contact. We are working on nodding. He thinks it's funny when I nod.

Today I told Judah to hit the number 1 on the microwave to heat up my lunch. He pushed the 1. After that I had him touch the other numbers. I would say a number at random and ask him to touch it. He got every single one right! 1-9!!!

In a loud voice, Scott was repeatedly telling Willow & Judah to leave the kitchen. Judah says, "Hey, Daddy!!" and left the kitchen.

I gave Judah his fish oil tonight & walked away. "Thank you Mommy." (from across the room) :)

I organized all of the kid DVDs on a rack in the garage. I came to realize that it wasn't actually a DVD rack. The DVDs fit, but the DVDs in a section would slide out when I tried to pull just one DVD from that section. I had bought the rack at a yard sale for cheap. I ended up fixing this problem by tying some red rope (that I had gotten for free at a different yard sale) around each DVD section, all the way down the rack. I did this twice, using the same long piece of rope. The rope holds the DVDs in, while you are still able to pull one out. I cable-tied the rack to one of the metal shelves since the wall the rack was against wasn't screw-friendly. The Thomas movies wouldn't fit in the rack so I made a Thomas section in a cardboard box - folding the flaps in on the end to act as bookends, holding the DVDs somewhat compact in the box. That will be the "Thomas box".

The plan is for the kids to go pick out their movie in the garage, as opposed to flipping through the DVDs in the CD organizers on the mantle. A DVD rack in the garage allows them to see all of their movies, but only gives them access to empty DVD cases, not actual DVDs. The actual DVDs will be in the CD organizers that are out of their reach - so we can get it for them. I'm going to label the CD organizers with movie titles so we aren't digging through all 5 of them to find one movie. We have had so many scratched DVDs. I'm hoping this system will help.

Sebastian & I had some garage inventor time while Scott shopped at the store with the other 2. I worked on the aforementioned DVD rack, while Sebastian attached huge pieces of cardboard to the back of his bike & dragged them around as he rode up & down the driveway & through the yard. He also laid these pieces of cardboard on our rock hill & flew down it on his bike. He rode his bike to the mailbox (no cardboard) and told me to wait in the yard so I could see him ride back. He reached the end of the street (at the mailbox) and started calling for help. His pants were caught in his chain! ha. I was pulling with my entire body weight & could not get them out! Eventually I just had to get the scissors & the pants went into the donation box from there. Part of his pants are still in his bike chain.

Sebastian had a special breakfast out with Daddy this morning. Scott texted me a picture of Sebastian's little head sitting behind a gigantic plate of whipped cream (strawberry waffles). After that they went to a comic book party at the store Scott does work for. Sebastian was excited about the free cake. He got a bunch of Sponge Bob comics too! Tonight he laid on the couch reading his Sponge Bob comic (well, more making up the story than reading, but I'll take it!!!). He looked surprised when he saw how excited I was that he was going to go read, ha!

Judah pottied all day on his own again. He wore underwear all day. He even went to Portland and back for music therapy in underwear!

Judah had one mushy, medium bm.

Judah's dinner smoothie- 1/2 cup- cup of lettuce, 1 beta, 1/4 tsp oxymag, 1 tsp molasses, 1/2 tsp powder b-6 mix, 1 capful miralax, 1 tablespoon l-carnitine, 10 strawberries, honey, 1/2 large banana & 1 cup orange juice.
(He drank half of it, but was also drinking milk at the same time. Made one similar to this last night & he downed the whole thing.)

Judah missed iron up & eye drops. Skin rash med not needed. 

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