Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Judah's First Day of School!!

After dropping Sebastian at school this morning, Judah was very sad. He was crying. He didn't understand why we weren't taking him to the building next door for his class. After all I had made him choose a backpack to bring & a shirt to wear - obviously it was the first day of school! We took the gorgeous drive to his new school right after we dropped Sebastian. Once Judah saw the school he went from sad puppy to lottery winner. He even smiled for pictures! The teacher's aide that had transferred from the class he had last year to his current class let me know that he had a good day when I picked him up. His old speech therapist was also waiting with Judah at pick-up time. She was shocked that Judah had asked her for juice & had asked her using a sentence even! She is going to have many more shocking moments to come, haha. His progress through the summer has been phenomenal. I wish I could see the change from her shoes - to see just how big that leap was. She hadn't seen him since last school year.

Willow & I spent hours at Mother Goose while both of the boys were in school this morning. I was trying to find my items that had not sold. Now I know why they call it Mother Goose.. it's a goose chase to find your stuff or to find all of the things you are looking for while shopping there! They are not as organized as they need to be with such a big inventory now - It took me hours to find less than 15 items!

I took Willow & Judah for fries & a Hi-C after school. Judah didn't want sister to eat any fries - maybe he thought they were his special first day of school treat. ? Poor Willow, now BOTH of her brothers are in school.. now she is even MORE convinced that she will be going to school any day now!! This morning she was very concerned when we got to Judah's school, because she had forgotten her backpack!

Sebastian was upset tonight because Judah passed him on his star chart. Judah has been doing really well with the potty. That's how he earns stars. Sebastian earns his stars by doing chores & educational work. He hasn't been consistently working on earning stars lately. Willow also requested a "Stars to the Moon" chart when she repeatedly witnessed her brothers getting stars. Willow's chart is a bee going from flower to flower until he reaches the gigantic bee hive at the end. She gets flowers when she potties or when she cleans up (since she doesn't potty a lot). She has a lot of catching up to do to pass her brothers!!! Her work hasn't been very consistent either, but hey, she's 2. Judah also has the advantage of the aides always remembering to do his chart when he completes his potty routine. Today he walked into the bathroom and went potty on his own. He had just come into the house & said, "Uh-oh, potty" to Sebastian & then went straight to the bathroom! He peed twice at school as well, & had a dry diaper all day! The speech therapist wasn't sure what he wanted when he needed to potty the second time, so she asked him if he wanted "potty" or "outside". He told her potty, went to the bathroom & used it! They were all really excited about him using the bathroom twice in one class day, even requesting it the second time! I doubt he EVER requested to use the bathroom last year! I'll start sending him in underwear next week. I was just nervous about too much change in one week.

All 3 of the kids swung together in the backyard this afternoon. They all really enjoyed swinging together, especially Judah. Judah was repeating what his aide was saying as she pushed him. She was doing a word for each push, like she had done yesterday. Today was: "Judah" (push), "likes" (push) "to" (push) "swing!" (push). I'd never heard him repeat the swing sentences before!! She took him to story time at the library tonight where he sat with a big group of kids at the front of the room & listened to stories. Judah's aide said he would turn around and smile at her from time to time. She was sitting away from the group, allowing him more independence. She made a video - I can't wait to see it!! The past few times I've taken him to story time he refuses to even go in the room once he sees all of the kids in there!

Willow has been getting really painful diaper rash lately! Usually I can treat it and it will be gone in the same day. I've never had a kid with such awful diaper rash!! Today she pooped & I couldn't get her diaper changed until 45 minutes later (driving & such). By the time I was able to change her, the horrid diaper rash had already found her! Ugh, I wish she didn't have to deal with that, it looks so painful. She agrees to let me clean her though - and then screams "Ouch!! Ouchie!!!" when I very gently wipe her bottom. I'll stop for a minute & then ask her if I can continue. She allows me to every time, even though it's obviously extremely painful. Poor doll.

Judah had one large bm. His rash is appearing at top of legs - using skin rash med.

Judah missed fish oil, sleep med, oxy-mag, vitamin b-6 powder (need to make more!!!)

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