Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gramma & Papa Time

Papa’s day with Willow, written by Papa.

This was the first time that Willow and I have had extended time together without others. We had a fun day. First, we went to the Willamette campus to wait for Munka to finish her class. We actually went to the class just as it was getting out, so Willow got to “go to school” and sit in a classroom as students were leaving it. She was a bit shy, but was very popular with the students. Then we all went for a picnic lunch in the Willamette garden area near the millstream, where Willow also fed the ducks floating in the creek. They liked the crusts from her pb and j.

We walked around campus awhile. Please imagine Willow doing all I am describing with her backpack on her back; no way was she going to set that aside!

Next, Willow and I went to Orchard Heights park, a place that Sebastian had introduced Gramm and me to a couple of weeks ago. We had to swing, of course… and swing, and swing. We then went on an exploration walk with Willow leading Papa up and down the paths, eventually arriving at the old apple orchard, where we were able to pick a couple of apples and where Willow found a perfect little apple on the ground below the tree. She was excited:  “See Dave! See Dave!” (that’s about all she calls me these days, taking her cue from her older brother).

After the orchard hike, we returned to the playground to, yep, swing some more. There was another little girl there swinging and Willow had to make sure that she was swinging in the same direction as the other girl. We then went to Harritt to get big brother. We were a bit early, so Willow explored the contents of her backpack and had a lively conversation with things she was getting out of her backpack. Then about 3:20 she said “Can I get out?” So we headed for the door of the school where Sebastian would burst through in a few minutes. Willow lounged in the grass while we waited.

Big brother was happy to see us, and we went back to Willamette for Sebastian’s after school lesson with Gramma. They went to the Library for the lesson and then did some outside exploration while Willow and I hung out on campus watching all the activity that was going on (music everywhere, students coming and going, Willow wide-eyed, watching and listening. Then it was time to take Willow and Sebastian back home.

I am very glad Willow and I had our one-on-one time. Her own personality really emerged, and what a personality it is!

Written by Gramma:
Just a quick note to let you know that Papa and Willow had a grand time yesterday. They met me on campus, coming into my classroom just before we were done so Willow got to "go to school," then we went for a picnic in the flower garden where we sat by the stream and watched ducks while we ate. Willow fed them the remains of her sandwich and kept marveling, "The ducks are talking!" Then they headed to the park where Willow swang, played explored, and picked apples. By then it was time to pick up Sebastian so they all came back to my office about 3:45.

Sebastian and I had a good forty five minute lesson. We did the Spanish colors in the library, he wrote them and matched colors with words. Then we read a couple of English phrases which he copied. The library was quite a place for him. It's very big and usually busy. We had a learning carrel by the window which was perfect. Then we played "Yo veo" I Spy, the colors outdoors for review, got some ice cream, and talked about what we would do on Thursday. By then Willow and Papa were looking for us and it was time to go home. A nice day, other than the fact that I had to work! HA.

I hope you are feeling better. Willow told me she went to the doctor with you. : )



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