Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just a Minute, I Have to Fly!!

Judah is still doing ridiculously well. He really enjoys watching the "Your Baby Can Read" videos that we have. If anyone knows of any videos that are similar please let me know! He responds so well to those & really enjoys them. He will pick one from the his shelf in the laundry room. Then he will bring it to us to let us know he wants to watch it. A month or so ago, I brought a bookshelf into the laundry room & filled it with all things Judah. There are Command hooks on the walls where I hung the "to go" bag - filled with extra clothes, diapers, etc. that the aides can just grab when they are heading out with Judah. There are plastic clothing covers hung, for painting & such. There's a hanging bag of Play-doh toys and a hanging bag of Cars characters suction cups & the book they go with. From time to time, I take out a few items from his area. Then I bring in different items to replace them.

We really need to focus on finding ways for Judah to learn through apps, videos, etc. We had never considered computer apps & videos to be a great learning method, but it turns out that they really work well for Judah.

Yesterday I was able to get in some chat time with a friend of mine at Sebastian's school. Her oldest kid runs up to her (he's in the 2nd grade I think?), begging her to let him read the book she is holding. It's a big yellow book with black cartoon like drawings on the front. She tells him, "I am going to read it first & then I will decide if you can read it." I look at it more closely and see the title, "The History of the Atomic Bomb". ha!! Her kid is pretty advanced though - he could probably get through that book & understand it. My friend is a history major and is pretty knowledgeable in a variety of areas. She can definitely hold up her end of the conversation with the assortment of characters that travel through her coffee shop. Maybe someone recently walked in wanting to talk atomic bomb.. ?

The aide scurried off quickly with J today. They went to the art place again - many kids there - too overwhelming for Judah. They stayed 5 minutes & left. They went to Jamba Juice next (his fave). Lastly they hit up the park for a while. Judah was very in tune with everything that was going on today. I found myself answering Sebastian's questions about Judah as if Judah were not sitting literally right between us. I hate it when I do that! It's not intentional at all. I stopped myself & addressed Judah about the subject instead of talking as if he wasn't there. He smiled.

Gramma picked up Sebastian from school & they had some work time at the library - doing Sebastian's Spanish & reading.

Willow & I ran errands. Every time we go to Safeway she tells me that I have found her school. She yells it with joy! "You found my school Molly!!! We found my school!!" She really wants her own school to go to since her brothers each have one. I think I confused her the other day when I told her we were going to pick up her brother at school. I probably said it in a complicated way. I was trying to tell her that first we had to go to Safeway & then we were going to pick up her brother at school. When we arrived at Safeway she announced more times than I could count that we had found her school! She was a bit surprised & confused when she saw the inside of Safeway, but that didn't stop it from being her school! And ever since then, Safeway has been my daughter's school.

Willow continuously ran away from me while we shopped. Sometimes she would ride in the cart (not the part kids are supposed to of course). We went to 3 different stores. Even though she was on the run half the time, it was still 10 times easier than taking 2 of my children shopping at the same time... and 400 times easier than taking all 3! We stopped at DQ for her promised ice cream. It took a long time for her to eat her sundae - it was a size small but was honestly the size of her face. There was no way she wasn't finishing it. She loves ice cream more than anything in the world. Everywhere we went together she was loud, comical & entertaining. She hadn't a care in the world where she was or who was there. She was all about having fun! She took off running as we were leaving Wal-Mart. As soon as she made it through the door she jumped & landed on the sidewalk with legs apart and arms spread out.. yelling very loudly, "Ta-Da!!!" to the world. It was a windy day. She stood outside of DQ pretending to push the wind away with her 2 hands, pushing it down between her legs, straight out away from her & even above her head. When I told her to get in the van she said, "Just a minute! I have to fly!" and began flapping her arms & dancing around in a circle. You never know what to expect with that one! :)

Judah missed Beta & we don't think he pooped - not sure.


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