Monday, September 15, 2014

Stranded in Smoke

Seriously, the smoke! My eyes are burning!! (wildfire burning far away - our smoke is supposed to simmer down/disappear tonight) "Mom can we play outside? Mom let's go swing! Please Mom! Swing me high Mom??" We did play outside for a good half hour or so when we were locked out of the house this morning. Willow & Judah were both still in their pajamas. Thank goodness I was wearing a bra & something that looked somewhat like daily clothing wear. We went to 6 different houses before someone answered their door. 9:30am on Monday morning.. apparently all of our surrounding neighbors are gone at that time?? The neighbor who let me borrow her phone walks a Christmas gift over to our house with her husband every year. That's the only time they come over. We then go to their house with a gift (after we are sure they are giving us one, haha) and we also walk over to hit them up for candy on Halloween.

Anyway, I left the house this morning with my van key & purse, no phone & no house key. Scott came back home to let us in. Apparently Mom was also stranded in the smoke at the same time the kids & I were. She had a dead car battery.

Judah, Willow, myself & the aide all worked hard to pick up the house this morning in preparation for a play date. Turns out my friend was stopping over WITHOUT her kid, ha. But at least we got the kids to clean & I got in some friend chat time! She told me there's a roller rink around here.. apparently it's pretty cheap too! They even offer lessons for a buck! The Hoop I think it's called?? We've gotta take the kids there.

All of the kids seemed to be a in a bit of a sour mood today. Willow began wanting everything & anything within her sights again. The 100% polite, sweet little girl wasn't there today! I knew it was too good to be true, sigh. Judah seemed kind of tired & near evening time he wanted to destroy everything! I basically ran after him, following close behind & catching things as they fell, grabbing his toys before he used them to smash glass, etc. That was about the time the aide was leaving of course, lol. Sebastian wanted badly to go play outside & he was quite persistent. I took him & baby sister into the garage to color after it was clear that Sebastian fighting my "no" answer to go outside was stressing out the aide.

Judah did well today with his sign language flashcards. He sat with his aide and worked through an entire set of them. Later, in the play room, he was having conversations between his cars. His aide came to find me to fill me in on what she had seen & heard. One car was telling the other that it was tired and the other car was responding. The cars were conversing back & forth. He also looked at her & said something, I forget. Tonight Scott was tucking Judah into bed and Judah looks up at him and says, "Night, night." while smiling at Scott. It was the sweetest thing.

Sebastian brought home a library book today, Star Wars of course. We read a tiny bit of that before bed. He says he should have brought home a book in Spanish.. so we will find something here.

Apparently I'm good to volunteer at Sebastian's school for the next 4 years! I asked to make sure today. Now we just need to schedule a time to make that happen.

2nd day of no pooping for Judah, sigh.
Judah missed oxy-mag, fish oil, didn't do eye drop (only twice a week), iron up, powder b-6 (only do every 3-5 days), sleep med, coconut butter, didn't need skin rash med, molasses.

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