Thursday, September 4, 2014


The evil that is a migraine collected every needle it could find and plunged them into my head.. started in late afternoon. Ended the next day after a shot in the bottom from my doctor.

Our aide called in sick. Oh well, we'll move those hours to another day this month. We didn't do much - I think my only progress during the day was watering the garden & flowers. Mom came over to watch Judah & Willow so I could go pick up Sebastian. There was no way I was going to not be standing in the spot I told him I would after yesterday's traumatic end of school experience. Bringing Judah & Willow would give the probability of zero to be standing where I needed to be when Sebastian got out of school.

Sebastian walked out of school smiling & mozied right over to me. Of course, the first subject out of his mouth was lunch. Cheese pizza today - although he didn't have enough time to eat all of his lunch. He said he washed his hands in the bathroom, got his food, ate some pizza & then the announcement came that lunch was over.

Judah still doing very, very well progress wise.

Judah had no bm's.

He missed his second milk.


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