Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Something that happened on this day that was really cool..

Judah was playing cars on his mat. He pulled the aide down off of the couch, wanting her to play with him. He put her hands on the cars he wanted her to use & showed her what to do. Any time she would try to get up he would pull her back down. He didn't want her to stop playing! This is actually one of his IFSP goals- initiating & maintaining play with both an adult and a child. Doing this with a child is easy for him - but adult I never see (except with family).  Naming people is another IFSP goal - you'll see in the next entry that he names our entire family at the dinner table, multiple times!! His school speech therapist & I have been talking about re-writing some of his goals. She's only seen him twice this year & has become very aware that he has advanced much beyond where he was last year!

Sebastian & I went into his classroom after school. I was able to get the work that he was stressing over so much. We went home & practiced it. His teacher told me about her new way of promoting positive behavior in the classroom while I was there. She will be handing out smiley faces & giving the kids a prize when they collect 10 of them. I asked her when she would be doing this (what part of class). Her explanation led me to believe that it will be much like the check mark system - randomly giving check marks to kids who happen to be behaving well at any given moment. It's not a fair system at all & is likely promoting competition & stress for these little kids. If the kids get a red card (frowning face) they have to take it home & explain to their parents what they did in class that got them that bad behavior card. (I don't know if she did away with the check mark system or if this is in addition to it.) I'm volunteering soon - I'll get to see firsthand how these systems are playing out in the classroom.

Scott & I are going in on Friday to meet with Sebastian's principal. Hopefully that will bring insight & a clearer picture for us as far as many things are concerned. Obviously we need to find this stuff out before we can see & decide the best direction for Sebastian. Right now Scott & I are in close contact with Sebastian's teacher. Scott will go in tomorrow to check-in with her.

Willow & I picked up Sebastian at the front door of school as usual today. I told them they could play on the playground for a while. Some of Sebastian's friends were there playing. Sebastian is such the social guy! He really likes tetherball now. He asked one of his friends, "Do you want to go play cheddarball??" The kid responded, "It's teddurball!" Sebastian said, "Teddurball, whatever, do you want to?" They stayed on the play structure for a while. But later I saw all four of them (Bash & his friends) running fast towards the tetherball poles yelling, "Cheddarball!!!" It was so cool. The tetherball is actually the color of cheddar cheese, haha. Sebastian told me the other day when I was playing with him that it would be really fun if you could take a bite as the ball went around, haha.

Judah missed his shot - I went to bed early.
No rash med needed.
Judah missed fish oil, beta, powder b-6, iron-up.

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