Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Can I Touch Your Cheese?

Scott & I were pretty intrigued watching Judah sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" while listening to it on his "Your Baby Can Read" video. His words are getting more clear. It was pretty impressive to hear him say so many words in a row with the right sounds & singing them at that! He was dancing & touching his shoulders & toes too! He loves the word toes.

Sebastian spent time with Gramma after school. They worked on his math and & reading. Neither Gramma nor myself could figure out the homework Sebastian's teacher sent home. I'm volunteering tomorrow, so I'll find out.

Willow sure was speaking in good sentences today! It's so cool when little kids say things so seriously that are so hilarious. Tonight she kept asking to touch my "cheese", then she would touch my teeth & laugh. Because you say "cheese" when you show your teeth for the camera right? This afternoon she was eating her Veggie Straws (veggie chips that look like little straws), and said, "Ew, I can put my nickas in there." Then she tries to stick her fingers into her Veggie Straw. Fingers are still "nickas", which often sounds like something that could be offensive.

No aide today. We spent the day at home after Judah returned from school. When we got to school he had a meltdown because he couldn't take his toy cars into school. This was at the van. He wasn't kicking & screaming & being physical like he has done in the past, instead he was just crying some & laying on the ground, refusing to get up. Willow was holding the poster I had finished making for him last night. She ran to the top of the stairs where the teachers could see her (they were waiting at the doors below). She held up Judah's poster and said, "Hey! Look at this!" After that his teacher came up to find us, haha. The teacher said he was fine after they got inside. He just needed some hugs.

Judah was so excited this morning when he saw the poster I had made him. Pictures of all of his favorite things! I cut out a picture of his head and made him into a race car driver & a train conductor too!. He looked at his poster the entire way to school. Unfortunately when the meltdown happened the happy, excited Judah wasn't so happy anymore.

Sebastian got a black mark on his karate sash, representing how well he did in class tonight!

Judah had one medium, mushy bm. He missed beta & vitamin d.

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