Sunday, September 28, 2014

Polygamy & Play Dates!

Judah & I left the house at 8am this morning to get to Beaverton for his gymnastics. Man. You'd think I dipped that kid in a double shot of espresso before we walked in. He had enough energy to power a car! He followed his group well, but had difficulty doing the obstacle course the way his instructor was asking the group to. At the beginning of class I sooo wanted to make a video of him following his group (she had him at the end of the line at first - teaching him to wait his turn I think). He had his feet up on a mat, which was higher than his head, and his hands grasped a bar in front of him. He was able to hold himself up above the floor well. He moved down the bar using his hands & feet, following his classmates (who've been doing these routines for half a year already). He also did somersaults with no help a few times today & even when he was supposed to be doing them! His group was 5 kids total today - that's the entire group. Not all kids come regularly.

The gymnastic moms act like sisters. It's bizarre. One mom is offering to be the one to drive some kid home (his mom isn't even there!) because this kid suddenly has a rash & all of the moms can tell you exactly where he has had this outbreak before & exactly how many times this has happened. The girl baby was passed around so much that I honestly had no idea who she belonged to! It felt as if the moms were trying to figure me out... each of them talking to me as if we were good friends when they didn't even know my name! My conversation level stayed at 50% as not to commit to such an unusual group/cult of mothers. One mom looked younger than me & had six kids! One of them in college! It just dawned on me... maybe they all have the same husband? None of them have ever come with the assumed 2nd parent & I've never heard any of them mention their kid's other parent.. and obviously if they all had the same husband they wouldn't be able to talk about it since it's illegal. And from what I've heard about this lifestyle, the wives are typically friends. Scott took Judah last time & came home talking about the close-knit moms & how unusual & confusing their relationships were. He usually doesn't pay attention to things like this - but this is hard not to notice, even for him! He said they didn't speak a word to him. The husband probably wouldn't like that! Next time I'll be sure to remember to my wedding ring!

We spent a couple hours at PDX Play Date in Portland today. Sebastian has been begging to go back there for some time. I'll try to post some pics on here. We were also considering doing the Children's Museum but decided against it due to price. While researching this I discovered that they have a free first Friday - 4-8pm! I'll be putting that as a regular spot on the calendar for sure!

Willow danced on the dance floor at the PDX Play Date, following behind Sebastian amongst the group of kids. She kept him close by the whole time, haha. Definitely a big brother moment. I told Willow that we were going to see her friends before we made it there. "My fwends? Olive?" ha.

Scott made us all French toast for brunch - slices of bread as thick as cake! The kids were wired to the moon! Willow didn't even nap during the hour long car ride which took place at her usual nap time!

  • Patted his bed telling me, "Lay down." (many times tonight)
  • He thought it was time to leave PDX Play Date & rushed away to find Willow, making sure I was close behind him. We climbed through nearly the entire play structure before I finally spotted her. "Wiiii- ooohhh! Where are you??" he said. As soon as we found her he ran up & hugged her saying, "Wiii ohhh!"
  • Had underwear on all day - to Portland and back twice! Went on his own to the potty all day except in public. I carried him into the bathroom before gymnastics & he was screaming, but once inside he did his business with no issue, even washed his hands.. and this was as we had just watched his class walking into the gym area to start!
  • I told him we were going to gymnastics while I was driving and he says, "gymnastics!! gymnastics!"
  • We arrived at gymnastics early. He was happy & ready to go! I told him we needed to wait. He got out his computer toy in the car & busied himself until it was time to go in.
  • I told Scott we needed to do Judah's eye drop. Judah was standing nearby, "No!!" I told Scott again & Judah walked closer to me, "No!!" Later he came into my room and told me, "I want.." and what sounded like "eye drop" after that. This was at the end of the day, as if he was reminding us that we didn't ever do it.
  • I asked Judah if he needed to poop after he asked for the I-pad (he plays Angry Birds when he poops). He said, "Poop!" He sat on the toilet first, completely his choice. Usually he adamantly refuses the toilet for pooping. Then he decided on diaper.
I'm thinking of making smoothies and freezing them into popsicles to give to the kids for snacks. Obviously we can hide veggies & vitamins in these. Smoothies aren't good for too long after - unless you re-blend them. I'm hopeful about the popsicle plan. Judah likes suckers but I'm not sure how he will take to licking a frozen popsicle. He's likely at a place now where we should be trying new foods with him much more often.. so much change with him lately, I'm willing to bet change could happen with his food too if we put in the effort.

Judah had a huge, messy poop.

Judah didn't need rash med. We forgot eye drops.
Didn't have iron-up. He continued drinking the rest of his smoothie from yesterday (another cup full), beta & b-6 were both in there from yesterday.


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