Sunday, September 21, 2014

Huge Judah Milestone!

This is what you call lazy bloggin'. I'm going to cut & paste tid-bits from emails I wrote today (mostly to Scott's mom). Today was a milestone day for Judah. Today he was a typical kid who just hasn't learned how to say a good amount of words, phrases, etc. yet. He woke up in underwear - we forgot to give him a diaper to put on last night. He woke up dry & not long after he just went in & used the bathroom! He wanted to put on his clothes & underwear himself today - rather than ask or assume we were going to help. Other incredible Judah moments below..

Sebastian said he felt like everyone hated him today.. Willow was hitting him & he thought Scott & I hated his backpack because we had told him to put it up at one point today. Scott & I sat on the couch & talked with him after the other 2 were put to bed. I think he's okay now. It's heartbreaking hearing your kid say something like that.

Judah moments:

(milestone) - He shows us that he understands. Today I can say that I was genuinely expecting to hear him speak or show me, in order to communicate & show his understanding. But I'm still in shock & awe every single time!!!
Tonight he didn't want us to get a splinter out of his skin with tweezers. He said, "A-ha! I know!!" and ran to the bathroom with all of the tweezers. I assumed he had a better plan (which he did). He took the 3 sets of tweezers we were using and hid them in the bathroom drawers! He dug through the bathroom looking for something else to use to get his splinter out. He decided on a sticker. He put it on the splinter and then I told him to pull it off. He did this a few times but it didn't work. Scott recommended a bath so his skin would prune & the splinter would come out easier. We decided Judah could take a bath while Scott took the other kids to play at McDonald's. They were in the middle of getting ready to leave when the splinter problem occurred. Judah said, "No!!" when Scott & I were talking about giving him a bath while they went to McDonald's. I ran the water. Judah said, "All done!!" I said, "Off?" He repeated me saying, "off". That wasn't enough though - he wanted the tub drained. I said, "All gone?" and he repeated that as well. He knew exactly what was going on. He was grabbing his clothes to get dressed (his shorts had gotten wet) and said, "Go!" Scott asked him, "Do you want to stay here with Mommy or go with Daddy?" He had been very mad at Daddy, because Daddy was the one using the tweezers on him. Regardless of that he said, "Daddy!" Judah grabbed his shirt to put it on. He said, "Go!!!"

1.   I was naming the body parts he touched and then he suddenly put out his fists, he was signing "drive"!

2.   We have a little clock that I got for Judah to play with since he was fascinated with clocks for a while. Today he was touching each number, saying the number as he touched it, all the way up until 10!
3.   I asked him to close a door & he did it, only asked one time. Asked him to get his shoes & he did - asked one time. He had to walk across the yard to get them (my other 2 wouldn't have done that! haha).
4.   While outside he brought his toy to me and said, "All done" every time he was done playing with it.
5.   He was playing cars in the mulch. I explained to him that mulch could give him a splinter/an ouch. He got up and went to play in the dirt! I can't count how many times I've tried to get him out of the mulch, verbally& physically - it's not easy!!
6.   I asked him to bring his shoes in, he went across the yard& got them & brought them in!

Email to his aide today-
Judah's cars have been having conversations a lot lately! He was even doing this with his therapist's beanie frogs during music therapy yesterday. Scott said he was about to call Judah to the table for lunch this afternoon, when he heard one of the car conversations. He looked in the play room to see Judah driving Chuck (a big dump truck) up to a group of cars that had just been chatting. "Hi! I'm Chuck!" (clear as day apparently).
BUT, I thought this was even cooler (although a lot of cool stuff has been happening lately):
The other day Judah touched his mouth & looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I said, "mouth". Then he touched his nose & waited for me to say "nose". He touched a few more body parts & I said their names after he touched them. That's been going on for a few days now. He really enjoys doing that, lol. He likes to touch my toes and say, "toes!" 
Today I sat down on the floor in the play room to play with Judah. He touched his nose. I said, "nose". He touched his mouth, his arm, etc. Then he stopped to think, looking up for a few seconds, lol. He put up his fists. I said, "hand". He continued to hold up his 2 fists. I said, "fingers? fist?" He moved them apart some & I still couldn't figure it out. I said, "bird?". He looked annoyed, and quickly moved his hand in the air, like a bird flying away. He went back to holding up his fists and said to me, "car". He was signing car! He was doing it correctly but I just didn't realize what he was doing.
Crazy huh! He's learning to sign!!
Judah had a big poop.
No skin rash med or eye drops needed.
No iron-up (out), b-6 powder, beta (need yogurt to put it in), or fish oil given.


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