Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sebastian/Gramma Study Time - written by Gramma.

Hi all,

Sebastian's reading lesson went well. We read a book, reviewed our "colores," and read and practiced some easy Spanish phrases in my office while he had chips and milk. He remembered all of his colores!  He likes the new phrase, "asi, asi" (so,so) in answer to Como estas? His friend Alexis cannot speak English. Sebastian explained that "he grew up only speaking Spanish so now he can't talk in English." He was puzzled. I said, "Well, you grew up speaking English so it's the same thing just different languages." He looked like a lightbulb came on. "Oh, yeah, I guess that's right." Then we worked on some phrases (Hola, Como estas, Como te llamas) that he's going to try out on Alexis if he can remember. He does love context!

Then we went to our spot in the library and did the first lesson in the reading book of twenty lessons I researched and bought, which I think we're going to like.
We focused on the sounds that are on that pink sheet of paper in his bag for you so you all can practice a bit.We built words from these and simple sentences that he read. Lots of repetition and "small chunks of learning at a time." We are focusing more on sounds than on names of the letters since that is sometimes puzzling to young readers. E.g. if you say B says "buh," then it's two concepts. Just recognizing the letter as a phonetic symbol is really what we want kids to do. Simple phonetic environments that follow the rules then branching into those that might not. T

School seems better for him today. He has 15 checks so he gets a prize tomorrow. He did say he "failed his test" and I couldn't be sure what he meant but it seems he did something incorrectly then didn't have time to re-do it. I hope they are not using the term "fail" in class. He said he read all the words in his book in fruits in Spanish and his other teacher said it was "impressive." Leaps and bounds. But his day was "asi, asi" because of these ups and downs and the fact that someone took his artwork so he didn't have anything to show me. Maybe it will come back. He said the nuggets, fruit, and roll at lunch were good but he didn't have time to finish his fruit. Someone (an aide?) urged him to get more fruit than he was able to eat and someone else (another aide?) said he shouldn't take what he can't eat. Sebastian wasn't upset but just wanted to know which direction to follow. I told him to get the amount he wanted and if he couldn't finish, it was not anything wrong.

After about an hour total of work time, Papa came over after work and Sebastian got to wade in the mill stream which he loves. So, a nice reward for good work and effort.

One thing he said Tuesday that I forgot to mention is that when we were at the library, I mentioned we had to be kind of quiet because people were reading. "No, they're not. They aren't talking out loud," he said, puzzled. How could I have forgotten that young kids think reading aloud is the only kind of reading until they get the hang of the process?!

I will get him next Tue/Thursday of next week, again, if you want to put it on the schedule.


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